Tommy Hicks

Bruce K.'s Terran human pilot in Gene D.'s D20 "Vortex: Exodus" telecom space opera


Character: “Cpl. Tommy Hicks”

3RD Level – Initiative +4 - +10 First shot - +8 Second Shot – 41 HP

18 AC – Armored Vac Suit – Advantage on Perception and initiative — no surprise

Blaster Pistol – 2D8 Damage or 3D8 Damage ? (auto?) Dodge +4 Dex bonus

Acrobatics_ (Dex): +4 — Athletics_ (Str/Con): + 5/4 — Diplomacy_ (Cha): +4 –

Piloting_ (Dex): +6 — Perception_ (Wis): +3 (advantage) — Performance_ (Cha): +2

*Sleight of Hand_ (Dex): +5 — Stealth_ (Dex): +5

**Sniper: Attacking at long range doesn’t impose disadvantage on ranged wpn.
If take round to aim, can ignore partial cover & swap the (+10) advantage on to hit
for +10 to damage

Role-player: Bruce K. — Species: Terran human
Occupational Class/Level(s): Trader/Warrior 3
Specialty/Archetype: Scout/pilot
Proficiency Bonus: +2 — Combat statistics: — Initiative: + 4 (Advantage)

Strength: 17 (3)
Dexterity: 19 (
Constitution: 15 (2)
Intelligence: 12 (
Wisdom: 14 (2)
Charisma: 14 (

Feat: Alert — Advantage on Perception and initiative — no surprise
Feat: Sniper + 2 Ranged Fighting Style
Feat: 2-Weapon Fighter — 2 second shot

+10 First shot -- +8 Second Shot

Dodge: +4 (Dex bonus)
Damage Resistance: 14 (armored vacc suit)
Hit Points: 41 (start at max; 4d12 hit dice + Con bonus)
Base Attack Bonus: + 6/8/10 (+ 4 Dex + 2 proficiency, + 2 Sniper, + 2 Laser Sight, + 2 aim)
Damage: +3 (Melee = Str bonus)

Weapons* by reach/range_ rate of fire_ damage/type_ ammo_ properties_ weight._ cost
| Dagger, energy | 20/60 | 2 | 1d4+5 p | 1 | finesse | 1 lb. | 501 cr. |
Plasma – 1D4 +5 damage
Grenades | Str | 1/2 | 2d10 | 10 | blast/stun | 1 lb. | 10 cr. @ |
3 concussion grenades – 2D10 – STUN — 6 frag grenades – 2D12
Pistol, blaster | 40/120 | 1/3 | 2d8 p | clip | semi | 3 lb. | 150 cr. |
3D8 Automatic (?)
| Weapon | reach/range | RoF | damage/type | ammo | properties | wt. | cost |

  • _Ammo/enhancements: Finesse — Dex instead of Str to dam.; semiautomatic: RoF 1 (for aim) or 3

Skills (+ proficiency):

  • Acrobatics (Dex): +4
  • Arcana (Wis): +2
  • Athletics (Str/Con): + 5/4 *
  • Computers (Int): +1
  • Craft (Dex/Int): +4
  • Diplomacy (Cha): +4 *
  • Engineering (Int): +1
  • History (Int): +1
  • Insight (Wis): +2
  • Investigation (Int): +1
  • Medicine (Int): +1
  • Piloting (Dex): +6 *
  • Perception (Wis): +3 (advantage)
  • Performance (Cha): +2
  • Science (Int): +1
  • Sleight of Hand (Dex): +5
  • Stealth (Dex): +5
  • Survival (Wis): +2

Species Traits:* Terran human — +1 to any 3 Attributes on creation
Adaptable: Certain species are better at reacting to changing circumstances, whether because of diverse home cultures or wide experience with galactic societies. These gain advantage on Cha checks in First Contact situations.

Occupational Features:* Trader/Warrior
Two-weapon fighter: – 2 to hit rather than – 4 on off-hand attacks (Ambidexterity negates it altogether.)

Archetype Features: Scout/pilot
Tactics/Strategy: + 3 to Piloting in combat
Commander: Grant advantage to one ally on next attack as a bonus action.

  • Sniper: Attacking at long range doesn’t impose disadvantage on ranged weapon or spell rolls. If taking a round to aim, can ignore partial cover and swap the advantage on to hit for +10 to damage.

Campaign: Gene D.’s D20 " Vortex: Exodus" telecom space opera

  • Date revised: 18 July 2017/ “1 May 2197 A.D./C.E. or 2 Terran Galactica Era”


  • Homeworld/nationality: Terra (Sol 3)
  • Education/training: Military school
  • Personality: Soldier (sailor/marine in United Earth Authority/Union of Solar Nations space navy)
  • Bond/code: Must help define humanity’s fate
  • Flaw: Hard on himself
  • Ethics/Alignment: Balance (True Neutral)
  • Inspiration: 1


  • Gender: Male
  • Date created: March 2017/ “1 April 2197 A.D./C.E. or 2 Terran Galactica Era”
  • Age: 20
  • Eyes: Blond
  • Hair: Green
  • Complexion: Fair
  • Height: 6 ft., 0 in. (~2 m)
  • Weight: 195 lb.
  • Appearance/mannerisms:
  • Image links:


  • Clothing:
    • armor: military vacc suit (-3 Dex)
    • duty coveralls
    • formal wear
    • uniforms — duty, dress
    • vacc suit
  • Occupational tools:
    • communicator/microcomputer
    • first aid kit
    • rations:
  • Other gear:
    • XX
    • XX
    • XX
  • Money: credits
  • Transport: see ship notes
Other weapons by reach/range rate of fire damage/type ammo properties weight. cost
Weapon reach/range RoF damage/type ammo properties wt. cost
Weapon reach/range RoF damage/type ammo properties wt. cost
  • Ammo/enhancements:

Thomas (Tom/Tommy) Hicks comes from a long line of naval officers. Tom has been groomed as a fighter pilot and navy officer his whole life.

Tommy grew up in a military family on Earth. He has gone to the best military schools since 1st grade, up through middle school and high school, and beyond that West Point, where he graduated with honors.

Tommy’s father was Franklin (Frank) Hicks, who at the time of open and official First Contact with extrasolar societies was the righthand man (and friend) to Kevin Reese, commander of the “Terra’s Pride” task force.

It was Franklin Hicks who ultimately sacrificed his life using his warship the Terminator to stand and fight the closest Zarkonian cruisers about to intercept and destroy part of the escaping Earth fleet.

The Terminator took out 2 larger Zarkonian cruisers — and delayed 2 other large cruisers — before being destroyed, allowing the fleet to escape with far less deaths than might have been. Frank Hicks is a famous hero in the history of the fleet.

Thomas graduated the academy right before first contact. He actually started college two years early at 16. When first contact happened 3 years ago, Thomas was 17 and halfway through college. He graduated in 2 years at 18.

He then joined the United Earth Authority space navy as a junior lieutenant and was assigned as a junior officer and fighter pilot on the carrier the Theodore Roosevelt. He went on many missions as a pilot and some interplanetary missions as a diplomat.

As it became clear humanity was not going to defeat the Zarkonian Armada and that a plan of escape needed to be hatched and planned out, Tommy was transferred to the Escape Fleet command under Kevin Reese. He served under Commodore Reese for a year and a half, until 6 months ago.

Tom was then reassigned to Col. Makino Takahashi, a beautiful 35-year-old Asian woman. Tommy and Makino keep a professional relationship — though they are sleeping together when they can. They keep that “relationship” very secret.

A year after the fleet had gained some distance, the Terran refugee fleets determined that a new scout division was needed. Col. Takahashi was put in charge of it and selected 6 scout teams of soldiers and specialists.

Tommy was picked to be on one interstellar team. These scouts are to be sent out to explore unknown regions, gather resources, and explore leads on potential homeworlds. They are also charged with learning more about humanity’s enemies and with finding new allies.

Tommy puts a lot of pressure on himself to work very hard and succeed. He never really knew his father very well but has some anxiety about living up to his father’s famous deeds.

Tommy is well liked where he has served in the fleet. Cmmdr. Reese has a soft spot for him and tries to keep tabs on him and look out for him when he can. Col. Takahashi enjoys her physical relationship with Tom and feels close to him at times — but that does not prevent her from putting Tom in danger if she feels a mission needs to be addressed.


  • Col. Akino Takahashi: female L-5 human, onetime girlfriend of Tom’s currently stationed on the Lincoln in the Theodore Roosevelt battle group

Player Characters for Gene D.’s D20 " Vortex: Exodus" telecom space opera, spring 2017:

  • Capt. James Verian/the Wayfinder [Dexter V.H.]: male Terran human scout and Ecomancer (Explorer/Mystic), with “Uplifted” tiger Hakuran
  • Sprocket [Beruk A.]: male Martian cyborg Technomancer and engineer (“near-human” Mystic/Trader)
  • Xena [Sara F.]: female “Uplifted” velociraptor archaeologist and medic (Explorer) from Henson IV/“Boobulon”
  • Cpl. Tommy Hicks [Bruce K.]: male Terran human space navy officer and pilot (Trader/Warrior)
  • “John ‘Mundungus’ Smith” [Byron V.O./absent ]: male human stowaway, scrounger, and lethal survivor (Trader)

Tommy Hicks

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