A Trinoid, a Playboy and a Psycho Walk into a Bar

Session: 5a.27 — Oasis Station

After visiting the site of the Battle of Capricornus X2, the explorers aboard the “Blackbird” arrived at Oasis Station, a huge collection of orbital habitats. They searched the local information network for clues on where to start looking for more about the missing agent of the Kharvamid Alliance and a Precursor jump gate.

Aughest-vor, Syzygy, Chris McKee/Agent Prometheus, Tariq Asrad Saladin, Dr. Bucket, and Mr. Sniffles stayed aboard the “Blackbird/Morifaiwet” to draw public attention, as well as that of the Kharvamid agent or potential foes.

Syzygy expressed interest in Sector 1, also known as “the Shining Sisters,” to see the Nebula Opera. Chris recommended Sector 7, the “Righteous Stinger,” because of its relatively lawless reputation and the Flux Farm weapons emporium.

Lt. Kevin Reese, Tela, Scoop Chang, and Kedar took the drop ship “Dragonfly” to more quietly find out about the jump gate. Engineers Tela and Kedar were also curious about the Shining Sisters because of its population of Ma’ari, Nethians, and Daragi. Kevin wanted to go to Sector 12, “the Merging,” because of the Ruby Lantern Resort.

However, Syzygy wanted to check in with overall Oasis Station command in the Merging, so the “Dragonfly” went to Sector 10, “the Rusted Link,” because the Tharians wanted to see a technocracy ruled by and for artificial intelligences.

The “Morifaiwet” first went to Sector 11, “the Swift Course,” where Aughest-vor transferred funds from the Tyche mining operation into galactic credits for the entire party. The megacorporate scion reverted to his old ways, reserving a luxurious suite at the Regatta Hotel and inquiring with concierge Mr. Blix about solar sail races and the elite Lancer’s Club.

Tariq and Dr. Bucket kept watch while the rOlvar scout ship was cleaned and serviced, and Syzygy and Chris checked in with the Port Authority at the Merging, where they saw misshapen Metaderpods and heard/talked [?] about the Trinoid ship the “Nautiloid.”

Meanwhile, the squad aboard the “Dragonfly” met Xenoid guide VX-7, as well as a wide variety of synthetic beings. At the “Privateer’s Perch,” they encountered fierce Gustrall Nycla of Clan Firehoof [Brian W./N.P.C.], inquisitive Nethian mechanic Kzp’trn [Jason E.R./N.P.C.] looking for an “isoquantum fracture compensator,” and party animals — actually three Meorr and a Felinoid Terran Synth.

Lt. Reese told Nycla (who asked if the Tharians were “bait”) about his search, while Scoop traced a Terran mental signature to the Felinoid Yoshi Tanaka. Tela and Kedar got drunk with Meorr Gworr [Jason], Keferr [Josh], and Mundarr, who backed off a bit from Nycla, who was well-known in certain parts of Oasis Station.

While the Meorr were distracted Lt. Reese spoke with Yoshie, much to the confusion of her Meorr companions. She said she was a modified Terran. However alcohol dulled her senses. Arrangement’s were made for them to meet later.

Nycla agreed to help Lt. Reese and company, for a “Fair” price. She then volunteered a Cestolar to house the party during their stay on the station and make some inquiries on their behalf.

The upper level of the “Privateer’s Perch” features numerous A.I.s, Synths, and Xenoids watching a fight between “organics” Rugar, the “Claw of Might,” and Cestolar Rundel Tosk [ship, the “Lodge”?]. The crew of the “Dragonfly” quickly leaves.

Syzygy, Aughest and Chris go to the Merging, where Zyzge askes after a Tronoid ship at the port authority. They were overheard by Cestolar trader Ibor vos Talshun [Rich C.G./N.P.C.], whose ship is the “Metal Vessel.” who approached them and offered his services to locate the ship. Following their instinct for trouble, they fall in with Boobulons at the Ruby Lantern.

However, they soon find themselves compromised and trapped by Encegulan slavers. Syzygy talks with the Cetaran madam and calls Lt. Reese for backup. After which he threatened the madam, when she failed to comply Syzygy asked himself what Chris would do, then shot the madam. Sadly the madam collapsed leaving Syzygy somewhat confused as to what to do next.

During the confusion Aughest- ran into save Chris. Heroically blasting his way into the back room avoiding the genetic abomination. Where he was promptly captured. At about that time Lt. Kevin Reese arrived with the calvary.

The rest of the crew of theBlackbird arrived with the Meorr, driving through the wall of the house of ill repute. During the firefight, Kevin throws a grenade and asks Aughest-vor if this is how he planned to get attention. Scoop psionically armors up and blasts hostiles, while Tela glides up to the level where the humans are being held. The Meorr from the “Privateer’s Perch” happily wade into battle. Still naked, Agent Prometheus ruthlessly shoots one of the patrons in the chaos, and the “Tiger Hawk Sandstorm” makes a hasty retreat…