News from Earth

C-space headlines, "12 August 2195"


  • Union of Solar Nations acknowledges massive construction projects in the Asteroid Belt; Earthers and Saturnians protest in parliament
  • North American States partially seal border, refugees riot
  • Slavic League deploys Ru’ulok hovertanks, East Asian Hegemony demands compensation
  • Battleship Lionheart joins fleet at Alpha Centauri
  • What are the Aquarians doing in Greater Oceania? Some speculation
  • Crowds rush Kharvamid colony ships; Lunar Free State denies aid


  • First Transport Conglomerate ships return from deep space
  • NeoWorld Inc. moves headquarters from O’Neill 4; stocks sag
  • Oromax Mining Corp. bids for competitive operations on Tyche
  • Encegulans offer trade guild membership to Oligat Creation Synthesis
  • Multiservice Org. chief sits down with Venusian Finance Union
  • Mars Confederacy says imports down, blames resurgent rebels


  • Top 10 Terran songs on Olvar charts, according to Interfaze
  • Titan Sparks upset New Shanghai Fenqing in glideball finals
  • Holos of Scrape, Defeat the Fleet continue buzz
  • Haggis has unlikely rebirth, thanks to Gustrall palates
  • The latest vibrodaggers for debutantes
  • How can I avoid radiation storms? Health questions answered



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