The History of "Vortex" and related speculative fiction

-1968: Gene D. born; Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? published; Planet of the Apes and 2001: A Space Odyssey premiered.

-1969: First Star Trek TV series canceled; Apollo 11 on the Moon.

-1977: Star Wars (Episode 4: A New Hope) opened in theaters.

-1978: Original Battlestar Galactica premiered on television.

-1980: Sundiver, the first book in David Brin’s “Uplift” series, published.

-1982 to 1983: Started playing Dungeons & Dragons and Star Frontiers and co-wrote “The Zarkonian Bomb,” an amateur movie script, with Carlo R., Bill B., Jon B., and Ray C. (“Vortex” Party 1).

-c. 1984: Began writing “The Adventures of Jason Delmar” space opera short stories.

-1986: Wrote original “Vortex” role-playing rules while visiting family in the Philippines. Playtested with Peter D. and David I.S. in Yonkers and Binghamton, N.Y., respectively (“Vortex” Party 2).

-1987 to 1989: Co-ran Shadowrun with Ken P.S. (“Vortex” Party 3).

-1991: Ran “Visor and the Seer” and collaborated in Steve M.R.’s “Voyagers II” using “Vortex” rules before converting to GURPS 3e (“Vortex” Party 3b).

-1992: Influential and prolific author Isaac Asimov died.

-1995: Space: Above and Beyond premiered.

-1996 to 1997: Game Mastered “Vortex: Collateral Damage Inc./Full Circle” using GURPS 3e Space in Virginia (“Vortex” Party 4).

-1997: The Fifth Element and Stargate SG1 premiered.

-1998: Farscape premiered on U.S. television.

-1999: Ran GURPS 3e Space: “Vortex_” via e-mail and for Jon W.P., Randy K.M., and Rob A.R. near Boston ("_Vortex" Party 4b).

-2002: Firefly premiered; D20 Traveller (“T20”) published.

-2005: The BBC revived Doctor Who.

-2008: Cubicle 7 published FATE 3e Starblazer Adventures (SBA).

-2010: Began running “Vortex” using SBA (“Vortex” Parties 5a and 5b, the crews of the Blackbird and the Appomattox).