Off to the Races

  • Session: 5a.29
  • Real time: Monday, 19 March 2011
  • Game dates: “22 to 25 November 2194 A.D./C.E. or 0 T.G.E.”
  • Locations
    • Oasis Station:
      • observation lounge
      • The Regatta Hotel in “the Swift Course,” the “Privateer’s Perch” at the “Rusted Link”

After performing more research on the Zerconians using the stations computers. Here are my findings The Zerconians. Up until about 100 years ago they bulldozed over rival civilizations then they began expansion again. However this time they are moving slower making alliances and taking more subtle tactics. I’m convinced something happened since the last time they expanded, I’m still looking into it.


Begin Station Log
Hello All and welcome to the Swift Course Regatta. I’m Kgut and this is Mtos we’ll be your announcers for this race and here are out racers.

Aughest-vor is the most interesting racer a new race in the galaxy only recently making contact a hooman I believe it’s pronounced. He’ll be flying the Island of the Moon a craft from his home system. It looks a bit like some sort of winged beast it’s mostly sails and rigging.

By the Maker what is that? Well Mtos according to the record that’s Blurb. He’s flying an Olvar craft called the Eron. For those listing to the broadcast it’s a grey spiky vehicle with a red star. Hey Kgut wasn’t blurb the Olvar pilot? Think that thing inside the craft ate him? Well Mtos if that’s the case lets hope he likes spectators more than announcers. Once more for those listing at home the cockpit is filled by a many eye’d monster made of slime.

Look it’s Lok-t’sha he’s driving the Eron a spherical web covered vehicle. Mtos did you know Lok-t’sha built that ship himself? Yes I did Kgut, he actually has a dedicated following among the gear heads on the crowd.

Next up we have Prada Deville driving the Crusher. A pink model with tail fins.

T’chlk T’cha, an Aquarian he’s driving the heart of the ocean a fish shaped design, with sails shaped like wings.

We saved the best for last folks Kerenar the driver of the Punisher. Seven time winner of the Regatta.

The audio cuts to people cheering for a moment

It’s familiar stencil work on white. Mtos I heard Kerner will be selling VR goggle of his run after the race. That’s right Kgut with exclusive views from his cockpit get them after the race.

And they’re off.

Aughest-vor flips his craft over and waves at Kerenar. There goes Kerenar rolling his craft over and showing Aughest his tail pipe. Prada fires off her glitter guns, giving her a little boost. The crowd loves that you can hear them cheering. T’chlk’s ship waves it’s talk and lok-t’sha extends his arms to get more sun. Blurb get’s off to a jerking start.

They’re rounding the bend to the first obstacle it’s a piece of metal, it blocks the sun so the constants will have to coast. Aughest does well sliding into the outside, but he’s joined by Kerenar also taking the outside hoping to catch some scant rays where the shade is least. What’s this T’chlk has grappled to Kerenar hoping to go forward. It’s looks like Blurb has pulled ahead.

Coming into the net bit of the course it Blurb. Whats this obstacle Mtos? Well Kgut it’s a mine field with corrosive non intelligent life forms. Whoa sorry to whoever bet on Blurb he just crashed full force into one of the mines. That’s right Mort next time try betting on a horrible monster from beyond space and time that can drive. It looks like everyone else got out ok

Whats up next Mtox. I believe it’s the robot sharks Kgut? With the lazers no those have been banned since the incident. Ok here we go. it looks like Kerenar is out first still tethered to T’chlk. Oh there T’chlk goes straight into the shark, and the crowd goes wild,

It’s the final obstacle folks force fields and here comes Lok-t’sha and ooooo right into the force field and here comes Prada same thing. By the Makers it’s Blurb crashing right into Lok-t’sha. I hope both of them have insurance. I hope Blurb’s not hungry. Aughest and Kerenar are neck and neck, and it’s Kerenar by a nose.

End station log

Begin Christopher Mckee Log
After we all reassembled at the hotel room we resolved to make contact with Nylca so kenLt. Kevin Reese and I went to meet her. We briefly discussed the gate. She gave us a pass code and told us she could arrange a opening for us to se the gate. We made plans and parted company. When we were radioed by the rest of the team. There was an explosion in Plorb’s room. We meet the rest of the crew there

Initial forensics indicate that the explosion was not an accident. Someone was sending Plorb a message. At the time of this log his whereabouts are unknown, were going to begin a search shortly.