"Star Trek: Restoration" Episode 6

Into the Betreka Nebula

Fellow role-players, here are my notes for our latest “Star Trek” telecom game on Sunday, 23 August 2015:

“Space, the final frontier. Our starship’s mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life forms and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no one has gone before.”

Almost four decades after the Enterprise E fought the Borg and Remans [ Nemesis ], among others, the United Federation of Planets and other interstellar states in the Alpha Quadrant are slowly recovering from wars and ecological disasters. A refitted vessel takes a new crew on its first missions of defense, diplomacy, and exploration….

Player Characters for Gene D.’s " Star Trek: Restoration" space opera scenario, using D20 Prime Directive, FATE 3e Starblazer Adventures, Bulldogs, and Mindjammer 2e, plus Starships and Spacemen 2e, house rules, Obsidian Portal, Skype, and the Rolz.org online dice roller, as of summer 2015:

  • “Lieutenant Kyerak [Bruce K.]-male half-Vulcan with ambition and a temper, in the U.S.S. Rotha ’s command division
  • “Lt. Jarric Jameson [Dexter V.H.]-male genetically modified human colonist (former Maquis) and commando
  • “Lt. Orzzek Kalifa [Byron V.O.]-male Andorian (blue-skinned humanoid with white hair and antennae), assertive science officer
  • “Lt. Mari Killu [Sara F.]-female Caitian (felinoid) security/tactical officer
  • “Lt. Boran’ Gorir [Josh C.]-male Jem’Hadar (Dominion soldier), aggressive envoy/engineer
  • “Chief Ravi Chandler” [Brian W.]-male Altairian human, non-commissioned officer and transporter expert aboard the Rotha
  • Froot [Rich C.G.]-male Ferengi (short, large-eared extraterrestrial) merchant and negotiator, DaiMon and owner of the trade vessel Love’s Latinum Lost
  • Kimbal Tegan [Beruk A.]-male Trill (long-lived symbiont), operations specialist aboard the Love’s Latinum Lost
  • Tau [Drew S.]-male Ferengi, medic aboard the Love’s Latinum Lost

Previously, in “Star Trek: Restoration,” the U.S.S. Rotha faced off against hostile starships in the Neutral Zone and covertly investigated interference in a former Federation member world.

“Stardate 95306.39 (22 April 2418):” The U.S.S. Rotha and the Love’s Latinum Lost leave the Aldebaran system. Capt. Andelina Nobatu orders helmsman En. Brandon Marks to set course for Psi Ursae Majoris because an unidentified subspace signal originates from that area.

Lieut. K’dex points out that the Betreka Nebula is on the way. Not only is it similar to the hazardous Badlands, but it’s also between Federation, Klingon, and Cardassian territory, points out the Edosian science officer.

Capt. Nobatu agrees with Cmdr. Nasami Wahid’s recommendation that the crew go to yellow alert for the duration of skirting the nebula, and the Trill first officer relays her order to Security Chief Pierre McDonnough.

DaiMon Froot requests permission to accompany the Rotha, and Capt. Nobatu reluctantly orders engineer Lt.Cmdr. Akira Gorou to extend the starship’s warp field to enclose the Love’s Latinum Lost.

Lt. Kyerak asks Capt. Nobatu permission to observe her command style so that he may learn from it. The Terran human gives her consent for him to stay on the bridge, as long as the half-Vulcan is able to fulfill his regular duties.

Lt. Jarric Jameson goes to ask Mr. Kyerak a question, but when he sees the officer with the captain, the human colonist turns on his heel and goes the other way down the corridor. Jarric then bumps into a half-Klingon and a Trill.

After listening to Ferengi crewmates Froot and Tau talk about oo-mox (earlobe massages), Kimbal Tegan requests permission to leave the Love’s Latinum Lost for the Rotha. The Trill pilot seeks out Cmdr. Wahid, with whom he has a shared history.

Lt. Orzzek Kalifa conducts research on the Betreka Nebula. The Andorian science officer learns that the nearest charted worlds are the Nuburon colony; Tammeron, known for smuggling biotech; and the former slavers of Skagaran. The nearest U.F.P. members are Risa and Betazed.

Lt. Jameson asks his superior, Lt. Artemis Borellis, for permission to study advanced tactics and munitions in addition to his existing survival skills. The Betazed counselor approves.

Sometime later, the Rotha’s junior officers compare notes in the “Starlight Lounge,” as Bolian bartender Mr. Vallcin provides food and drink. Kimbal notes that the area is rife with smugglers and bandits and recalls a Bajoran prophecy of a wanderer finding paradise.

Back on the Ambassador class starship’s bridge, Lt. Kalifa scans the nebula and finds a protostar emitting charged particles but no warp signatures. Lt. Kyerak takes a shift at the helm, while Mr. Tegan reaches out psionically.

The Rotha detects a Starfleet hull in the nebula. It is the U.S.S. Essex NCC-173, a Daedalus class ship believed lost with all hands more than 250 years before many parsecs away near the Mab-Bu IV.

Mr. Kyerak searches Starfleet records for the Essex crew and learns of Capt. Bryce Shumar, Cmdr. Steven Mullen, and Lt. Morgan Kelly. Orzzek finds that the derelict vessel has lost pressurization and that its warp core has been dumped.

Jarrick checks with Dr. Jones, the holographic chief medical officer, for supplies such as vacc suits for a potential survey of the Essex.

Kimball informs his Ferengi friends of an opportunity for salvage, and Capt. Nobatu approves an away mission. She assigns security officer En. Scalzi to join Lt. Kyerak, Lt. Jameson, Lt. Kalifa, and Mr. Tegan.

Lt. Jameson pilots a shuttle to the Essex. The away team makes its way aft, toward life support. The five explorers hope to restart the antique fusion reactors for sublight power and life support.

Lt. Kyerak then makes his way to the command center, but he finds bridge controls nonresponsive. Lt. Kalifa examines the main computer core and finds corrupted code.

Mr. Tegan and En. Scalzi keep in contact with Lt. Jameson and check sickbay. They report that it has been strangely stripped of medical equipment and move on to main engineering.

Kyerak searches the officers’ quarters and finds that the archives have been wiped. He does find old uniforms and a notebook of Atina Xdar, an Andorian who was the starship’s acting captain when it was disabled centuries ago.

Orzzek observes that the corrupted code in the ship’s computer tries to jump to his tricorder, and he recommends tech quarantine procedures. As Kimball and En. Scalzi search for a ship’s library, Jarric calls them back to the shuttle. He says that he has been unable to raise the Rotha, which is apparently suffering from power fluctuations.

The away team undocks and reads the final entry in Xdar’s journal: “They’ve gotten under our skin. We’re spacing the dead. Remember us….”

While I’m sorry that I missed Jason’s latest “Star Wars: Dark Timessession, I look forward to continuing our adventures tonight and the D&D5e “Vanished Lands” nautical crew tomorrow! Live long and prosper, -Gene