Sol system news

C-space headlines, "26 August 2195"


  • Venusian Finance Union again petitions Ru’ulok to join trade guilds
  • North American States and Slavic League ready nuclear arsenals
  • Riots rock Mars Confederacy, Fort Olympus Mons and Phobos temples abandoned
  • Jovian Commonwealth resists Union of Solar Nations order for martial law
  • Kharvamid Alliance offers aid to “ark fleet
  • Zarkonian forces engaged at Sirius, Wolf 359….

Transmission interrupted
Greetings, peoples of Earth and its colonies. The Zarkonian Imperium welcomes humanity to the galactic community. We know this is a troubling time for you, and we offer our assistance to restore order.

Do not believe the nostalgia for ancient wars from some other extraterrestrial species. A few Aquarian and Laransan renegades have spread lies and do not represent their worlds. We have no intention of annihilating you, nor do we come with any other purpose besides peaceful First Contact. Regrettably, some among you have already attempted violence against us, which will be met with firm reprisal.

The Imperium merely wishes to extend its offer of prosperity and stability to the peoples of the Milky Way’s Orion Arm. Our so-called armada is an extension of our will across the stars. I hope that Terrans can live alongside Zarkonians and other races in harmony, and I look forward to visiting your homeworld. Join us! -Zantor Probscine