Operation Exodus

Memo to Terran ship captains

To: All Union of Solar Nations (U.S.N.) and affliated Transit-capable vessels
From: Fleet Command, Ceres Station
Rating: Top Secret
Date: 21 August 2195 A.D./C.E. or 1 Terran Galactic Era (21 June 2013)
Re: Operation Exodus

Be advised that all FTL-capable ships should depart the Sol system immediately. Kharvamid Alliance forces have engaged portions of the approaching Zarkonian Armada, which is now forecast to be less than a week from Earth.

As you may already know, there are 10 Terran battle groups providing rearguard defense and escort. Please follow your assignments, and we hope to evacuate as many people as possible. Certain extraterrestrial allies will also provide support and directions.

Even so, we expect casualties on a level never before seen in recorded human history. Each of your crews will be responsible for maintaining order as billions of our kind are likely slain or enslaved. We understand that we’re facing an emotionally difficult time, but our species must survive this diaspora.

Martial law — including curfew, restricted movement, and compulsory identification and medical exams — is expected to be temporary, with plans for a government in exile being drawn up now. Any who side with the Zarkonians should be immediately terminated.

What follows is the configuration of a typical Terran battle group. Note that crew sizes are maximized:

  • 1 Jericho-class U.S.N. battleship, including
    • 20,000 crew
    • 200 Raptor II-class aerospace fighters
    • 50 Bulldog-class long-range bombers
    • 40 Morgan-class personnel shuttles
    • 40 Clydesdale-class supply shuttles
    • 20 Tender-class tugs
  • 4 heavy cruisers, with 5,000 crew each = 20,000
  • 6 destroyers, with 2,000 crew each = 12,000
  • 8 frigates, with 1,000 crew each = 8,000
  • 10 corvettes, with 200 crew each = 1,000
  • 10 to 20 supply ships, with 50 to 100 crew each =1,000
  • 5 Uruk-class Talari (Ma’ari-designed ark ships) of 50,000 people each = 250,000
    The Talari are mostly hollowed-out asteroids of a minimum 2 km diameter, with Trinoid life-support systems, Nethian propulsion, and Olvar-built living quarters. Each is named after a major Earth city.
    • City/Talari names: Alexandria, Armstrong, Ayutthaya, Babylon, Baghdad, Bagota, Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Carthage, Cordova, Delhi, Dhaka, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Jakarta, Kaifeng, Karachi, Kinshasa, Kolkata, Lagos, London, Los Angeles, Luoyang, Madrid, Manila, Mexico City, Moscow, Mumbai, New York, Osaka, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Saigon, Santiago, Sao Paolo, Seoul, Shanghai, Shenzen, Singapore, Taipei, Tehran, Tianjin, Tokyo, Yinxu, Xi’an
  • 5 O’Neill and Stanford orbital habitats retrofitted with Transit drives, 30,000 average = 150,000
  • 10 Mori-class Aquarian long-range transport ships (mostly from Earth), 10,000 passengers = 100,000
  • 5 assorted large Terran vessels, 5,000 passengers = 25,000
  • 1,000 smaller Terran vessels, averaging 50 passengers each = 50,000

Total population for a typical evacuation group = 637,000
Total exodus population = 6.4 million (out of 19.5 billion)

U.S.N. battle groups, by flagship, origin, current position, commander (if known):

  • Achilles — Slavic League, solar polar orbit; Capt. Omar Sajjad
  • Ano Wasu — Greater Oceania, Neptune
  • George S. Patton — North American States, Jovian Commonwealth
  • IlokarMars Confederacy, Asteroid Belt; Adm. Jacques Pons
  • Lionheart — European Federation, Alpha Centauri
  • Miyamoto Musashi — East Asian Hegemony, Mars Confederacy; Adm. Raul Xinshang
  • SaladinJovian Commonwealth, Saturn
  • Shaka Zulu — African Union, solar polar orbit; Adm. Joseph Ochieng
  • Shiva — Lunar Free State and L-5 orbital cities, at Venusian Finance Union; Adm. Ascent of Clan Hunter
  • Simon Bolivar — South American League, Uranus