Sol system news

Data packet, "28 August 2195 A.D./C.E. or 1 T.G.E."


(Courtesy of Terran Colonial News Service; apologies to Babylon 5)

  • Nuclear detonations on Earth, tens of millions dead
  • Union of Solar Nations scrambles to escort evacuees
  • Rio de Janeiro beanstalk severed; Titan’s Eclipse Station missing
  • Rumors of living legends spotted near Glastonbury, Mecca, Orleans, New Shanghai
  • Aquarian Mori transports encounter giant monsters in Pacific, Europa; Jovian mechs join fray
  • Kharvamid reinforcements arrive; trade guilds stay neutral
  • Zarkonians take Camp Alpha, send swarms of probes, fighters to inner Sol system
  • Riots overtake all megalopoli and orbitals; morale shaken by psychic shock
  • Carriers Lionheart, Saladin, Simon Bolivar destroyed, battle groups….

Transmission interrupted
I’d like to welcome Terra and its colonies to the Zarkonian Imperium. Be assured that we are bringing stability to your worlds. We look forward to getting to know humanity and its subraces better.

It is true that some malcontents have attacked us and that some cowards have fled, but the long reach of our Armada will deal with them soon enough. The Sol system is now under our dominion. -Zantor Probscine