Dakal Nakona

Bruce K.'s Romulan helmsman in Gene D.'s FATE "Star Trek" campaign


Player Character: “Dakal Nakona”
Bruce K.
Campaign: “Star Trek: Restoration” space opera
Game Master: Gene D.
Rules systems: Fantastic Adventures in Tabletop Entertainment (FATE), Obsidian Portal, Skype, and the Rolz.org online dice roller
Adventuring party: Crew of the U.S.S. Sacagawea, NCC 598-B (Curiosity-class U.F.P. heavy cruiser)

Aspects (tag for + 2 on skills, plus compels):

  1. Origin/species: Romulan (Republic)
  2. Motivation (alignment): Freedom (Chaotic Good)
  3. Training/background: Ready for duty (volunteers)
    • Rank: Lieutenant, junior grade
  4. Starfleet division: Helm (Command)
    • Superior officer: Lieut. Cmdr. Stanik
  5. Foible/trouble: Ambitious


  • 1 Great (+4): Piloting (driving, navigation, steering vehicles)
  • 2 Good (+3):
    • Shooting (aiming, firearms, gunnery, ranged weaponry)
    • Tactics (includes strategy, understanding deployment of forces in a conflict)
  • 3 Fair (+2):
    • Athletics (climbing, jumping, running, swimming, and contests of strength)
    • Brawling (hand-to-hand and unarmed combat)
    • Diplomacy (bluff/deceit, etiquette, persuasion, rhetoric)
  • 4 Average (+ 1):
    • Leadership (understanding and using the chain of command)
    • Sleight of Hand (manual dexterity, holdout/concealing small objects)
    • Stealth (hiding, sneaking quietly)
    • Survival (general and by terrain, such as desert, urban, low-G, or vacuum)

Other skills: Acrobatics, Animal Handling, Craft, Empathy, Endurance, Engineering, History, Infiltration, Investigation, Linguistics, Mechanic, Medicine, Notice, Perform, Psionics, Resolve, Science, Shooting, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Survival, Systems


  • Species stunt: Sneaky (Romulan): Once per scene, +2 on Diplomacy (Deception), Sleight of Hand, or Stealth
  • Species stunt: Strong-Willed (Romulan): +2 on Resolve
  • Occupational stunt: Helm Hotshot (Piloting): Once per scene, +2 on a ship maneuver
  • Refresh: 3


  • Physical: 4
  • Mental: 4
  • Consequences: 4


  • Weapon: Phaser 3-4


  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth/age (and human equivalent):
    • Date created: May 2020/“1 May 2412 A.D./C.E. (Stardate 889332.7)
    • Date revised: 8 June 2020
  • Eyes: Dark brown
  • Hair: Black
  • Complexion: Pale olive
  • Height: ft., in.
  • Weight: lb.
  • Nationality: Romulan Republic
  • Homeworld:
  • Languages: Federation Standard/neo-English, plus native
  • Philosophy/religion:
  • Appearance, mannerisms:

Dakal is young and inexperienced now, so while he should have some natural innate ability at leadership, he needs more experience to improve his Leadership rating.

Background: Dakal is enthusiastic and loves his starship assignment. As a pilot of the ship, he considers her “his ship.” Right after being assigned and before coming on board, he studied the ships entire design as much as he could – especially the helm system. He also (tried – succeeded?) to contact the actual engineers that built this ship to ask them about anything specific (strengths and weaknesses – foibles) about the Sacagawea.

He also tried to talk with and studied past Helmsmen who piloted this class of starship and read all he could about what they had to say about it – strengths and weaknesses – and moves it did well and not so well.

Dakal wants to be the absolute best pilot he can be. When he is not on his shift piloting the ship, he can often be found in the ships flight simulator, tackling random simulations at high difficulty.

Dakal also volunteers to be on as many away missions as possible because — unlike most of his race — he likes to experience as many different species as he can. He thinks encountering different races will help him in his eventual quest to be a captain of a Federation ship. Also in keeping with this eventual goal of being a ship captain, Dakal tries to get to know, befriend, if possible, and take an interest in his fellow ship mates.

In general, Dakal is passionate — quick to act — and sometimes gets in trouble for speaking his mind at the wrong moment. He works hard and is often looking for ways to get noticed and impress those above him. He thinks both being in good shape and knowing how to fire a weapon and fight without one is important.

Contacts: See crew of the U.S.S. Sacagawea

Dakal Nakona

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