"Vortex" Player Characters

Rosters of adventuring parties in Gene D.'s "Vortex" space opera campaign


In one future, humanity has colonized the Sol system, but ecological degradation, population pressures, and internecine strife persist. The rediscovery of ancient mysticism and official First Contact with alien societies challenge Terra and its colonies. Some brave individuals lead the way out into a dangerous galaxy….

Party 1 (1982 to 1984): The Zarkonian Bomb, a film script by Gene D., Carlo R., Bill B., and Ray C., at A.S.H.S. (and the AD&D1 “Vanished Lands” fantasy campaign)

  • Capt. Jason Delmar” [Gene D.]-male Terran human, Kharvamid Alliance pilot who crash-lands on Jethric, the fifth planet in the Polarian system near Betelgeuse
  • Lucius Amorex” [Bill B.]-male Aquarian (amphibious humanoid alien), elderly refugee from the Zarkonian Armada, has a secret
  • Almoria” [Michele L.C.]-female Aquarian, daughter of Lucius
  • Elbran Harmell/Baln” [Jon B.]-male human trader, captain of Orion-class freighter
  • Kaelton” [Ray C.]-male Kharvamid xenoid (alien android) astrogator
  • Zantor Probscine” [Carlo R.]-male Zarkonian (crustacean alien), commander of the Zarkonian Armada
  • Bob” [Carlo R.]-male Zarkonian fighter pilot, shoots down Jason
  • Pete” [Carlo R.]-male Zarkonian fighter pilot, with Bob

Party 2 (1984 to 1986): “The Adventures of Jason Delmar,” short stories by Gene D. (and Star Frontiers games)

  • Jason C.S. Delmar”-male North American Terran human, initially a cadet for Terran-Allied Kharvamids (TerAK)
  • Jack Sandler”-male North American Terran human, Jason’s best friend, later changes sides
  • Angelo Rodriguez”-male North American Terran human mystic, recruits Jason and Jack
  • Ylena Armantova”-female Eastern European Terran human spy, onetime lover of Jason; later works for galactic trade guilds and commander of ship missing in the Nara system
  • Capt. Sheila Berensen”-female L-5 human, joins the United Earth Authority, and later the Kharvamid Alliance, commander of the Stella Sagitta
  • Denise Ulamba”-female African Terran human office worker, recruited by Sheila
  • Adam Reutan”-male North American Terran human, gunner in the Terran-Allied Kharvamids (TerAK), boyfriend of Sheila
  • Christine Isaacs”-female L-5 human United Ecumenical Movement chaplain on Terran ark ships
  • Charlotte Lisetti”-female human, later a neutral forces observer (and spy)
  • Adrianne Benwood”-female Olvar (arboreal, mammal-like alien) mystic with the Kharvamid Alliance
  • Jean Heart”-female human medic, girlfriend of Paul Delmar
  • Gareth Chai”-male Martian human engineer, joins TerAK
  • Susie Chai”-female Martian human martial artist, sister of Gareth
  • Miriam Accolon”-female Olvar mystic and explorer
  • Capt. Angelo Rodriguez”-male Terran human, in the Union of Solar Nations space fleet and later the Kharvamid Alliance

Party 3 (1986 to 1988):Vortex” tabletop role-playing game by Gene D. and David I.S., at SUNY-Binghamton (and Shadowrun games)

  • Friller” (Jason Delmar undercover) [Gene D.]-male Terran human trader; later commander of the frigate RavenArrow
  • Paul Delmar” [Peter D.]-male Terran human engineer and pilot, younger brother of Jason
  • Colin Beowulf” [Peter D.]-male Jovian human trader, joins galactic trade guilds with Ylena
  • Bren Ocorl” [Peter D.]-male Olvar martial artist
  • Sizzlezorm” [David I.S.]-male Trinoid (trilateral amphibious alien) scientist and astrogator with the Kharvamid Alliance
  • F’v’byxl Trylnv/Linve” [David I.S.]-male Gustrall (antlered, orange-furred, raptor-like alien) trader; advisor to human evacuation fleet and later leader of Nara scouting mission
  • Ober Cambu” [David I.S.]-male African Terran human, recruited by Jason, fighter pilot
  • Kerbic Chevka” [David I.S.]-male Olvar mystic, agent for the Kharvamid Alliance, author of “Why the Olvar Like Humans,” and chaplain on the RavenArrow
  • Guy ‘Smiley’ Verrin” [David I.S.]-male Terran android astrogator
  • Cmdr. Rajiv Balazhjar” [Muhammed N.B.]-male Teran human, Jason’s superior officer at time of court martial

Party 4 (1996 to 1999):Vortex: Collateral Damage Inc./the P.T.S. Venture,” using GURPS 3e Space , in Northern Virginia (and GURPSVoyagers II: Adventures in the Dimensional Corps”)

  • Kevin North/Kevnor” [Stephen M.R.]-male Ru’ulok (heavy-gravity, reptilian alien) trader, disguised as a human interplanetary pilot to observe Terran potential for galactic commerce
  • Eric Sage” [Steve M.R.]-male Terran human security specialist, curious about the paranormal
  • Sgt. Lucius Davenport” [Steve M.R.]-male Terran “Synth: Chim” (“Uplifted” chimpanzee) member of the United Earth Task Force
  • Dr. Jessa B’Wyndar” [Erik B.L.]-female Terran human physician with NeoWorld Incorporated, haunted by her parents’ deaths due to megacorporate intrigue
  • Lar/Doug McDonnell/Visor” [Erik B.L.]-male Laransan (telepathic humanoid alien exile) pilot, former superhero [see GURPS 3e Supers ] now working with the U.S.N. and Kharvamid Alliance
  • Ramon Sanchez” [Joshua H.]-male “near-human” (cyborg) “fixer” and arranger of team missions, based in Lisbon
  • Aspect of Clan Hunter” [Josh H.]-male Gustrall (antlered, orange-furred flightless avian warrior), paraplegic electrokinetic chief engineer of the Venture
  • Jarrow/Glenn Danzig” [Josh H.]-male Laransan (long-lived telepathic humanoid alien) mech pilot, former member of “Twilight” [see GURPS 3e Supers ]
  • Trenton ‘Chewie’ Mark V” [John J.G.]-male “Synth: Ursoid” (genetically-engineered bear) scout, created to serve unknown masters; later captain of the Vengeance with Ursoid Taurus
  • Nik’toth” [Greg E.P.]-male Nethian (insectoid alien) xenology graduate student disguised as a robot to study the Sol system
  • Alex Chemenov” [Greg E.P.]-male Belter (low-gravity inhabitant of the Asteroid Belt) human pilot and merchant
  • Felana” [Jenna R.P.]-female Ma’ari (pale diminutive alien wanderer), empathic healer
  • Validemus S. Walker” [David A.H.]-male “near-human” Technomancer, latest in a long line of secretive mystics
  • Cornelius J. Sinclair” [David A.H.]-male Terran human martial artist working for Walker Industries
  • Max 35” [Tim M.B.]-male cargo robot/netrunner, searching for adventure and meaning
  • Dr. Terra McKennitt/Bethany Astbury” [Tim M.B.]-female Martian human physician, schizoid former ecoterrorist and Ecomancer
  • Jessica Small/Moon Dancer” [Tim M.B.]-female Toreador vampire, appears to be an adolescent human, former member of “Twilight” vigilante team [see GURPS 3e Supers ] and leader of the “Dark Hunters/Guardians of the Night” in Newark
  • Gary M. Baldo” [Allan P.G.]-male Terran human security specialist
  • Prof. Illinois Smith” [Allan P.G.]-male Terran human xenoarchaeologist, friend of Gary
  • Tony Burton” [James A.W.]-male “Synth” (android) special operative created by Oligat Creation Synthesis
  • Prof. Kent A. Ward/Sir Kay” [Corbin A.Y.]-male Terran human curator of the European Museum of Antiquities, supervisor of expedition to the ruins of Hesolin, contact of Illinois
  • Oban” [Dave F.B.]-male Meorr (blue-furred leonine alien) military attaché, killed by a suicidal Cyborg mercenary on Shepard 2
  • Kasumi Goldblatt” [Stuart C.G.]-female L-5 human diplomat and Trader who hopes to create the first galactic commodities exchange; captain of the Spring Wasabi
  • Clan Nakagawa” [Nick F.J.T.]-“near-human” Terran assassins, perform sentry duty with for TerAK in the Asteroid Belt
  • Col. Nathaniel Peters” [Jon W.P.]-male Terran human in the North American Aerospace Marine Corps, at the United Earth Authority’s Fort Olympus Mons
  • Sgt. Shane ‘Pain’ Revell” [Jon W.P.]-male North American Terran human in the United Earth Authority, later displaced in time [see GURPS 3e Supers ]
  • Lt. Sue Graham” [Jon W.P.] female human mech pilot from an alternate universe, trying to fight alien invaders and find her way home
  • Lu-Rak” [Mark D.L.]-male Ru’ulok trader, disguised as a human shortly after official First Contact; contact of Col. Peters
  • Damion ‘Chance’ El-Katar” [John A.H.]-male Terran human trader, involved in the evacuation of the Sol system
  • Maj. John A. Carlson” [Jim J.D’B.]-male Terran human in the North American Aerospace Marine Corps, under U.E.A. (and later, Kharvamid Fleet) command, assigned to work with the Venture

Party 5a (2010 to 2011): " Vortex: the Blackbird," using FATE 3e Starblazer Adventures and Mindjammer, Massachusetts

  • Syzygy [Brian W.]-Trinoid (trilateral amphibious alien) xenologist reassigned to study Terrans; has an organic laboratory and a pet cat named “Mr. Sniffles”
  • Tela [Sara F.]-female Tharian (winged reptilian humanoid alien) escapee from the slug-like Encegulans, engineer
  • " Chris McKee /Agent Prometheus" [Josh C.]-male North American Terran cyborg human sniper working for eugenics conspirators at Black Box Security Co.
  • Aughest-vor…” [Jason E.R.]-male “Findian” human from the Lemuria orbital city, onetime dilettante, solar-sail racer, pilot and “friend to all”
  • Lt. Kevin Reese [Bruce K.]-male Terran human, burned-out officer and explorer in the Interplanetary Patrol
  • Gombo Shisel” [Rich L.]-male Mongolian/Martian human, former horse rancher and wilderness survival expert; left at Camp Alpha
  • Tariq Asrad Saladin [Beruk A.]-male Terran “near-human,” seeker of enlightenment and investigator met aboard the Ma’ari ship Cyan Horizon
  • Scoop Chang [Rich C.G.]-male Jovian “near-human,” interstellar reporter kidnapped by the Olvar; psi interested in First Contacts
  • Dr. Bucket” [Non-Player Character]-helpful United Earth Authority astromech robot assigned to the Blackbird

Party 5b (2010 to 2011):Vortex: MarSoupAiL,” using FATE 3e, Massachusetts (and one-shots)

  • Capt. Gabriel Adams [Paul J.]-male North American Terran near-human with telepathy, courier and pilot
  • Hector Chavez [Beruk A., primary]-male Terran human, “burned” operative and communications and engineering expert
  • ARTHERR [Greg D.C.]-Advanced Resonance Theoretical Heuristic Exploration and Research Robot created by megacorp Vimeco
  • Jasmine [Sara F.]-female Martian Felinoid “Synth” (“Uplifted” tiger), former professional pit fighter
  • Mr. Richmond Garrett [Dave S.C.]-male Southern American Terran human, space snake-oil salesman and social climber
  • Dr. Dieter Klein” [Rich L.]-male European Terran human, semi-retired physician, altruist and thrill seeker; departed after Venusian incident

Party 5c (2011 to 2012): " Vortex: the Gryphon," using FATE 3e Bulldogs, Skype, and an online dice roller

  • Hector Chavez [Beruk A.]-male Latin American Terran human, former spy and communications expert/engineer of the Appomattox
  • Jasmine [Sara F.]-female Martian Felinoid (Synth, “Uplifted” tiger), former professional pit fighter and onetime crewmember of the Appomattox, apart from the grifters in “MarSoupAiL” but with boyfriend Darcy
  • Chris McKee [Josh C.]-male Terran human cyborg, former sniper for the North American Aerospace Marine Corps. and eugenicists at Black Box Security Co.; onetime crewmember of the scout ship Blackbird
  • Jax [Robin H.]-male human from the Asteroid Belt, vain space pirate and pilot of the Slipstream
  • Orion Starchaser [Geoff C.]-male [blue humanoid alien] outcast, irrepressible mystic and adrenaline junkie
  • Dr. Srinu Pahul [Byron V.O.]-male Indian Terran “near-human” (bioengineered) xenobiologist, shadowed by scandal and confident in survival skills

Party 5c.2 (2012 to 2013): FATE 3e “Vortex: Terra’s Pride” telecom team (as of 6 October 2013/“5 October 2195 A.D./C.E. or 1 T.G.E.”)

Acting crew of the experimental scout ship Blackbird:

  • Capt. Kevin Reese” [Bruce K.]-male Terran “near-human” (cyborg), former Interplanetary Patrol officer and commander of a Terran Ranger Corps task force, including the corvette Dauntless
  • Cmdr. Tela” [Sara F.]-female Tharian (gargoyle-like alien), escapee from the Encegulans (slug-like slavers), fond of humans; engineer with boyfriend Kedar and robot Dr. Bucket
  • Chris McKee /Agent Prometheus” [Josh C.]-male Terran human, former assassin for the eugenicists at Black Box Security Co., sniper and seeker
  • Tariq Asrad Saladin” [Beruk A.]-male Terran “near-human” (mutant) wanderer with a past, investigator
  • Enkidu Aristheon” [Dexter V.H.]-male Seranen (pale empathic humanoid alien) exile, wilderness survival expert curious about Terrans and the Zarkonian threat; with sphinx-like companion Glaucon

Crew of the refitted space yacht Pina Colada and other ships:

  • Capt. Jasmine” [Sara F.]-female Martian Felinoid “Synth” (“Uplifted” tiger), former pit fighter and crewmember of the Appomattox, searching for a homeworld for her people; with boyfriend Darcy
  • Hector Chavez” [Beruk A.]-male Terran human, former spy and crewmember on the Appomattox, cautious engineer and communications expert; studying Precursor device at Van Maanen’s Star
  • Lord Wallace Tubbington III” [Josh C.]-male Olvar (arboreal, mammal-like alien) swashbuckler and diplomat for the Kharvamid Alliance
  • Chiron” [Dexter V.H.]-male (secretly android) pilot, assigned to assess and protect humanity
  • Orion Starchaser” [Geoff C.]-male Pomuyan (blue telepathic humanoid alien), irrepressible mystic and thrill-seeking galactic hitchhiker; departed for deep space
  • Lt.Cmdr. Sebastian Growlick” [Bruce K.]-male Felinoid “Synth” (“Uplifted” lion), elite soldier, killed attacking the Zarkonian Armada with the frigate Crazy Horse
  • Cmdr. (Dr.) Srinu Pahul” [Byron V.O.]-male Terran “near-human” (genetically modified) xenobiologist, curious and planetary patriot; with robot PEPE and nurse Kala Sunitha Ciela on the frigate Sovereign

Player Characters for Gene D.’s D20 " Vortex: Exodus" telecom space opera, spring 2017:

  • Sprocket [Beruk A.]: male Martian cyborg Technomancer and engineer (“near-human” Mystic/Trader)
  • Xena [Sara F.]: female “Uplifted” velociraptor archaeologist and medic (Explorer) from Henson IV/“Boobulon”
  • Cpl. Tommy Hicks [Bruce K.]: male Terran human space navy officer and pilot (Trader/Warrior)
  • “John ‘Mundungus’ Smith” [Byron V.O./absent ]: male human stowaway, scrounger, and lethal survivor (Trader)


"Vortex" Player Characters

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