Cloud Atoll

Pirate haven in Gene D.'s "Star Trek: the Sacagawea" game


Non-Player Characters in Cloud Atoll, asteroid pirate haven in “the Badlands” in Gene D.’s FATEStar Trek: the U.S.S. Sacagawea” telecom space opera, as of Stardate 89357.2 (“10 May 2412 A.D./C.E.”/29 August 2020):

See also the crews of the Sacagawea and Sword of the Prophets.

  • Megiben: male Denobulan, dock controller, told “Maria” and “Ghalav” that Mibyc Doret and Jett Katan, the former Bajoran commanders of the Sword of the Prophets, had not only acquired the Subspace Rift Generator at an auction, but the captains of other ships in port owed them money.
  • Capt. Danae, female Caitian with an eyepatch, captain of the Mad Howler, Said that the Broken Tusk used a Matter Inverter to destroy a rival ship near Anchor Port.
  • Savage Crown: species unknown; captain of the Broken Tusk, which is guarded by a mysterious armored Tholian, who has a reputation for meanness but whose species is unknown to Starfleet.
  • Sanara Velan: female Romulan, who told “Takar” and “Vremeer” that the starting bid is 5,000 bars of gold-pressed latinum. She also spoke with some reptilian Gorn guards.
  • Levalin Hosh: female Vorta and the auctioneer in ancient superweapons….

Cloud Atoll

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