Nasiri Station

Medical starbase in Gene D.'s FATE "Star Trek" campaign


One of the premier biomedical research institutions in the Alpha Quadrant, this teaching hospital began as a field site during the Federation-Cardassian War (2373-’75). It grew after the Dominion War, and almost five decades later, it is still on the Federation frontier and is known for serving patients of Cardassian, Maquis, and even Breen origin.

The personnel of Nasiri Station, true their military medic roots, subscribe to a “work hard, play hard” culture. The orbital station supplies nurses, doctors, biologists, and counselors to Starfleet ships in the region, including the Sacagawea….

Personnel at Nasiri Station:

  • Cmdr. Gareth Percy: male Terran human, laid-back commanding officer
  • En. Jisrul Tam: female Trill, security and systems troubleshooter


Nasiri Station

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