The Dragonfly

"Vortex" Team 5a's drop ship


Ship Aspects (3, using FATE 3e “Starblazer Adventures” and “Mindjammer”)

  • Scale/size, type/class: 2/Medium, “Cheyenne”-class military drop ship (assault
  • Origin/condition: reliable Jovian surplus from Titan
  • Systems/customization: Drop Ship (10 passenger seats, side doors w/ retracting
    ramps) to Flight Bay (for the “Tiger Hawk Sandstorm”)

Skills/components (10 points for general, defensive, and offensive systems)

No. of Skills Skill Rank Skills
1 Good (+3) Armor
2 Fair (+2) Maneuver (aerospace), Projectile Weapons (rail gun under nose, 4
wing-mounted missiles; retracting racks removed for flight bay)
3 Average (+1) Aerospace Military (+2 to speed), Flight Bay, Split Fire

Stunts (and related skills/crew; includes bonuses from Starship Systems):

  • Atmospheric Entry (Maneuver/Pilot, Aughest-vor)
  • Guided Missiles (Projectile Weapons, Chris)


  • Fate Points (Remaining Refresh): 6
  • Structural Stress: 3
  • Systems Stress: 3

The Dragonfly

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