The Gryphon

Team 5c's yacht


Starship name: the Gryphon

Ship Aspects (5, using FATE 3e Starblazer Adventures )

  • Scale/size, type/class: Starwind -class large yacht (3)
  • Origin: formerly Nero Bartholomew’s Fortune’s Fool and the General Lee/Appomattox (with engines from the U.E.V. Parsifal and the Sea Cloud )
  • Condition: luxury smuggler
  • Systems/customization: Imperial Roman-styled cabins, Mississippi riverboat lounge (to be changed)
  • Reputation: Bait that bites [formerly “MarSoupAiL’s” (Team 2/5b’s) Venusian virus scenario]

Skills/components (16 points for general, defensive, and offensive systems)

  • Good (+3): Ablative Armor, Cargo Hold
  • Fair (+2): Beam Weapon, Maneuver Drive (1 AU per hour), Sensor Suite, Ship Systems
  • Average (+1): Atmospheric Entry, Cargo Jettison Plates, Dangerous Cargo Containment, Enhanced Communications, Luxury Passenger Quarters, Med Bay/biolab, Stardrive (Transit; 2 ly per day)

Stunts (and related skills/crew; includes bonuses from Starship Systems): Atmospheric Entry, Autoloader, Enhanced Communications, Dangerous Cargo Containment, Cargo Jettison Plates, Luxury Passenger Quarters, Med Bay (thanks to Dr. Dieter Klein [Rich D.] and Dr. Srinu Pahul)

Fate Points (Remaining Refresh): 5
Structural Stress : 4
Systems Stress : 4

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Interior Key:

  1. Cockpit (Capt. Jax plus 2 others, including gunner Chris)
  2. Ship systems (sensors/life support; to improve?)
  3. Equipment storage (space suits, laundry)
  4. Armory (Hector, Jasmine, Chris)
  5. Crew refresher (head)
  6. Medical bay (Dr. Pahul)
  7. Galley (eat-in kitchen; Darcy)
  8. Pantry/backup autochef
  9. Hot/cold containment units (Dr. Pahul)
  10. Machine shop (formerly autochef computer/droid dock; Hector)
  11. Staterooms (clockwise from top)
    1. Capt. Jax’s cabin (hotshot pilot theme)
    2. Hector Chavez’s cabin (special agent gear)
    3. Chris McKee/Agent Prometheus’ cabin (military style)
    4. Jim Delaney’s cabin (can be reassigned)
    5. Empty/guest cabin (Imperial Roman theme)
    6. Orion Starchaser’s cabin (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy; w/ disco ball)
    7. Empty/guest cabin (Ancient Egyptian theme)
    8. Dr. Srinu Pahul’s cabin (Indian theme)
    9. Jasmine and Darcy’s cabin (Jungle theme)
  12. Passenger lounge (with gambling tables, disco ball)
  13. Dining/conference room (Mississippi riverboat theme)
  14. Low-gravity sauna
  15. Swimming pool (formerly holographic theater; Jasmine)
  16. Secure containment — ejectable (Dr. Pahul)
  17. Cargo bay/passenger cabins (with smuggling compartments)
  18. Escape Pods 1 and 2
  19. Flight bay (with grappling system, Jasmine’s hovercycle, and Jax’s Slipstream , which we should also stat out at some point)
  20. Library/computers/communications/holographic projectors (Hector, Orion; to add: Olvar database, EWS)
  21. Game/exercise room (Jasmine, Srinu)
  22. Brig
  23. Engineering deck (Maneuver and faster-than-light drives; Hector)
  24. Passenger boarding ramp
  25. Crew boarding ladder (also to beam weapon batteries)


  • Hector Chavez [Beruk A.]-male Latin American Terran human, former spy and communications expert/engineer of the Appomattox
  • Jasmine [Sara F.]-female Martian Felinoid (Synth, “Uplifted” tiger), former professional pit fighter and onetime crewmember of the “Appomattox,” now apart from the grifters in “MarSoupAiL”
  • Chris McKee /Agent Prometheus [Josh C.]-male Terran human cyborg, former sniper for the North American Aerospace Marine Corps. and eugenicists at Black Box Security Co.; onetime crewmember of the scout ship Blackbird
  • Jax [Robin H.]-male human from the Asteroid Belt, vain space pirate and pilot of the Slipstream and Gryphon
  • Orion Starchaser [Geoff C.]-male [humanoid alien] outcast, irrepressible mystic and adrenaline junkie
  • Dr. Srinu Pahul [Byron V.O.]-male Indian Terran “near-human” (bioengineered) xenobiologist, shadowed by scandal and confident in survival skills

Wish List :

  • Sara/Jasmine — swimming pool (got right away; area 15)
  • Robin/Jax — Quick Launch (stunt for cargo bay)
  • Geoff/Orion — disco ball, holo library
  • Byron/Srinu — upgraded med bay, research lab, improved scanners
  • Beruk/Hector — electronic warfare suite (got EWS; SBA p. 325)
  • Josh/Chris — Olvar library database, more guns

The Gryphon

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