The Pina Colada

Refitted ship of FATE 3e "Vortex" telecom Team 3 (5c)


Vehicle Name: the “Pina Colada
Campaign: Gene D.‘s " Vortex: Terra’s Pride" space opera, using Skype and Fantastic Adventures in Tabletop Entertainment (FATE) 3e Starblazer Adventures / Mindjammer, Bulldogs, and Limitless Horizons

  • Date revised: 13 January 2013/“19 May 2195 A.D./C.E. or 1 Terran Galactic Era

Aspects (5):

  1. Scale/size, type/class: Starwind class large yacht (3)
  2. Origin/condition: Formerly Nero Bartholomew’s Fortune’s Fool, the General Lee (with engines from the U.E.V. Parsifal and Sea Cloud), “MarSoupAiL’s” (Mars Soup Aid Lenders Ltd.; Team 5b) Appomattox, and the Gryphon (telecom Team 5c)
  3. Systems: Manual overrides (by “Hector”)
  4. Customization: Luxury vessel with themed cabins; altered for smuggling
  5. Service record/reputation: Bait that bites; see origins, recommissioned as a Terran privateer and exploration ship

Skills/components (21 points total):

  • 1 at Great, +4: Electronic Warfare Suite
  • 2 at Good, +3: Beam Weapon, Transit Drive (1 parsec/day)
  • 3 at Fair, +2: Cargo Hold, Medical Bay, Sensor Suite, STL Drive (1 AU per Terran hour)
  • 5 at Average, +1: Ablative Armor, Flight Bay, Force Field (Hector’s; to double-check) Maneuverability, Ship Systems (life support, etc.)

Stunts, refresh (and related skills/crew, includes bonuses from Starship Systems; out of 10 Fate points total): 3 Fate points left

  • Advanced Med Bay (Ship Systems/Science)
  • Atmospheric Entry (Maneuverability)
  • Cargo Jettison Plates (Cargo Hold)
  • Crew Quarters (Cargo Hold; luxury)
  • Dangerous Cargo Containment (Cargo Hold/Medical Bay)
  • Enhanced Communications (Ship Systems, +1 to range, vs. jamming)
  • Force Field, modulating (Hector’s prototype, to double-check)

Status (based on hull size):

  • Structural Stress: 4
  • Systems Stress: 4
  • Consequences (from “Diaspora:” Minor -2, Major -4, Severe -6, Extreme -8):

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Interior Key:

  1. Cockpit (Capt. Jasmine, pilot Lt.Cmdr. Kevin Reese, gunner Chris McKee)
  2. Ship systems (sensors/life support; to improve?)
  3. Equipment storage (space suits, laundry)
  4. Armory (Hector, Jasmine, Chris)
  5. Crew refresher (head)
  6. Medical bay (Dr. Pahul)
  7. Galley (eat-in kitchen; PEPE)
  8. Pantry/backup autochef
  9. Hot/cold containment units (Dr. Pahul)
  10. Machine shop (formerly autochef computer/droid dock; Hector)
  11. Staterooms (clockwise from top)
    1. Capt. Jasmine’s cabin (jungle theme; formerly with Darcy)
    2. Hector Chavez’s cabin (special agent gear)
    3. Chris McKee/Agent Prometheus’ cabin (military style)
    4. Chiron’s cabin (formerly Jim Delaney’s; theme?)
    5. Empty/guest cabin (Imperial Roman theme)
    6. Orion Starchaser’s cabin (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy; formerly Vovestomosanehe)
    7. Empty/guest cabin (Ancient Egyptian theme)
    8. Dr. Srinu Pahul’s cabin (Indian theme)
    9. Lt.Cmdr. Kevin Reese’s cabin (officer theme)
  12. Passenger lounge (with gambling tables, disco ball)
  13. Dining/conference room (Mississippi riverboat theme)
  14. Low-gravity sauna
  15. Swimming pool (formerly holographic theater; Jasmine, Orion, Srinu)
  16. Secure containment — ejectable (Dr. Pahul)
  17. Cargo bay/passenger cabins (with smuggling compartments)
  18. Escape Pods 1 and 2
  19. Flight bay (had grappling system; Jasmine’s and Hector’s hovercycles, 1 ground-effect vehicle; room for the Dragonfly)
  20. Library/computers/communications/holographic projectors, electronics warfare suite (Hector, Orion; to add: Olvar database?)
  21. Game/exercise room (Jasmine, Srinu)
  22. Brig (Timothy Dugan)
  23. Engineering deck (Maneuver and faster-than-light drives; Hector)
  24. Passenger boarding ramp
  25. Crew boarding ladder (also to beam weapon batteries)
  • Cached: Vatican treasures, zero-point devices?

Crew of the yacht Pina Colada
FATE 3e “Vortex” space opera Player Characters

  • Capt. Jasmine” [Sara F., primary ]-female Martian Felinoid “Synth” (“Uplifted” tiger), former pit fighter and crewmember of the Appomattox, now captain of the Pina Colada searching for a homeworld for her people
  • Hector Chavez” [Beruk A., primary ]-male Terran human, former spy and crewmember on the Appomattox, cautious engineer and communications expert
  • Chris McKee /Agent Prometheus” [Josh C., primary ]-male Terran human, former assassin for the eugenicists at Black Box Security Co., sniper and seeker aboard the Blackbird and Pina Colada
  • Orion Starchaser” [Geoff C., primary-male Pomuyan (blue telepathic humanoid alien), irrepressible mystic and thrill-seeking galactic hitchhiker
  • Dr. Srinu Pahul” [Byron V.O., primary ]-male Terran “near-human” (genetically modified) xenobiologist, curious and confident planetary patriot; with robots MEGAN and PEPE
  • Lt.Cmdr. Kevin Reese” [Bruce K., primary ]-male Terran “near-human” (cyborg), former Interplanetary Patrol officer and member of the Blackbird and Dauntless crews; defender of the homeworld
  • Chiron” [Dexter V.H., primary ]-male (secretly android) pilot, assigned to assess and protect humanity

Other Boston-area “Vortex” Team 1 (5a) past explorers aboard the Blackbird, as of spring 2012:

  • Syzygy” [Brian W.]-Trinoid (trilateral amphibious alien) xenologist reassigned to study Terrans; has an organic laboratory and a pet cat named “Mr. Sniffles”
  • Aughest-vor…” [Jason E.R.]-male “Findian” human from the Lemuria orbital city, onetime dilettante, solar-sail racer, pilot and “friend to all”
  • Scoop Chang” [Rich C.G.]-male Jovian “near-human,” interstellar reporter kidnapped by the Olvar; psi interested in First Contacts
  • Gombo Shisel” [Rich L./absent]-male Mongolian/Martian human, former horse rancher and wilderness survival expert; left at Camp Alpha
  • Dr. Bucket” [Non-Player Character]-helpful United Earth Authority astromech robot assigned to the Blackbird

See other records for the crews of the Blackbird and Dauntless, as well as the previous crews of the Appomattox and Gryphon.

Wish List (to revise):

  • Sara/Jasmine — swimming pool (got right away; area 15)
  • Robin/Jax — Quick Launch (stunt for cargo bay)
  • Geoff/Orion — disco ball, holo library
  • Byron/Srinu — upgraded med bay, research lab, improved scanners
  • Beruk/Hector — electronic warfare suite (got EWS; SBA p. 325)
  • Josh/Chris — Olvar library database, more guns

The Pina Colada

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