The U.S.S. Sacagawea, NCC 598-B

FATE "Star Trek" starship Sacagawea


U.S.S. Sacagawea, NCC 598-B (for “Star Trek: Restoration” online campaign, using FATE)


  • Class/size: Curiosity-class heavy cruiser, U.F.P. Starfleet; Enormous (4.5M metric tons, 800 m long, 450 m beam, 100 m draft, 30 decks; min. crew: 36, standard: 800, max. complement: 2,000)
  • Origin/condition: Commissioned Stardate 76331.47 (1 May 2399 A.D./C.E.), rushed into service
  • Systems: Modular design, recently swapped military for scientific compartments
  • Customization: Experimental shielding for nebulae
  • Service record/reputation: “She may not look like much, but she’s tough.” Aided in Romulan conflicts and border-patrol actions.

Skills/components (and stunts):

  • 1 Superb (+5): Ship Systems: Advanced sensor suite (tuned for cloaked ships, plus probes)
  • 2 Great (+4): Propulsion/power
    • FTL: Cruising speed of Warp 5.87, or 1 ly/day (max. Warp 9.98, 1 ly per hour, 8 pc/day; antimatter-dilithium reactor)
    • STL: Impulse (5 AU per hour, Earth to Jupiter)
  • 3 Good (+3):
    • Beam Weapons: Phasers (12 point-defense banks)
    • Energy Shields (see customization above; including structural integrity)
    • Ship Systems: Science labs (research computer/knowledge base)
  • 4 Fair (+2):
    • Maneuverability (sublight)
    • Projectile Weapons: Quantum torpedos (5 tubes)
    • Ship Systems: Medical bay (advanced)
    • Ship Systems: Transmat (12 point-to-point transporter pads)
  • 5 Average (+1):
    • Flight Bay (10 shuttles, plus escape pods)
    • Ship Systems (4): AI autopilot, communications, crew quarters/life support (long-term), grapple (tractor beam)

To operate something, a P.C. rolls the appropriate skill and adds the bonus from the relevant system. Both character and ship aspects and stunts may apply.

Bridge crew of the Sacagawea:

  • Cmdr. Chandra Ramamurthy: female Centauran, chief scientist (astrophysics) and first officer (Lt. Huli)
  • Cmdr. Ressunch: male Tellarite, chief of security/tactics (Lt. Sánchez Navarro)

(See also Player Character crew.)

The U.S.S. Sacagawea, NCC 598-B

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