Vortex "game time"

-Circa -140 to -40 G.E. (Terran Galactic Era): The Archaic Era gives way to the Cyberpunk era [see Shadowrun: Idealistic metahuman groups [see Mutants & Masterminds: “the S.J.I.”] are supplanted by megacorporate mercenary organizations. “Near” humans (mutants, cyborgs, genetically modified) have limited civil rights.

-The development of bionics, virtual reality, and true neural interfaces results in the growth of cyberware and C-space. True Artificial Intelligences arise, and advances in genetic engineering lead to “Synths” (robotic and bioengineered humanoids).

-Ecocrises I to III: Environmental degradation results in global climate change, mass extinction, and famine. Population growth leads to poverty and fighting over resources but encourages colonization. Fossil fuels become scarcer, eventually leading to technological breakthroughs in “cold” fusion and “warm” superconductivity.

-Wars devastate large parts of the Middle East and South Asia; terrorists and disasters destroy cities in other parts of the world. Nation-states decline in relative power as megacorps and regional governments rise in influence; the United Nations collapses.

-c. -100 G.E.: Terran population reaches 15 billion, cities become megalopoli. Earth’s oceans and the Moon are colonized, “L-5” orbital habitats are built in response to population and industrial pressures, and humans explore Mars.

-The Ecocrises, regional conflicts, and covert megacorp activities are restrained with the creation of the United Earth Authority. Continent-states form on Earth; the Sol system’s population approaches 20 billion. Orbital cities grow; Mars is colonized.

-85 G.E.: First Interplanetary War: The Lunar Free State and some orbital habitats rebel against Terran colonial powers, becoming a quasi-independent corporate state. The Zarkonian Armada destroys Laransu, and Trinoids and Nethians found the Kharvamid Alliance.

-75 G.E.: Ecoterrorists disrupt research undersea and on Mars as terraforming begins. Humans colonize Venus and the outer Sol system, and the U.E.A. charters the Interplanetary Patrol.

-50 G.E.: Synths gain limited rights after several rounds of civil unrest.

-30 G.E.: Second Interplanetary War: Mars Confederation rebels against megacorps, gains limited independence and a seat on the United Earth Council. Asteroid Belt and Jovian system settled.

-20 G.E.: Jason Delmar is born near the North Eastern American Megalopolis (Party 1). Orbital elevators are built.

-10 G.E.: Covert and unofficial contact continues between galactic agents and the Sol system. The Zarkonian Armada resumes its expansion into the Orion Arm. The latest emergent interstellar civilizations are threatened: Aquarians/Polarians and Terrans.

-4 G.E.: Archaeologists discover ancient evidence of mystic and extraterrestrial influence in the ruins of the “Vanished Lands.” The United Ecumenical Movement is formed to consider the implications of the “Long Hiding.”

-1 G.E.: “Collateral Damage Inc.” begins missions, later renames itself “Full Circle” aboard the P.T.S. Venture and Spring Wasabi.

-0 G.E.: Open and official First Contact between galactic societies and the Sol system. Terrans (including Parties 5a and 5b, the crews of the Blackbird and Appomattox) acquire faster-than-light Transit drives….

The History of "Vortex" and related speculative fiction

-1968: Gene D. born; Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? published; Planet of the Apes and 2001: A Space Odyssey premiered.

-1969: First Star Trek TV series canceled; Apollo 11 on the Moon.

-1977: Star Wars (Episode 4: A New Hope) opened in theaters.

-1978: Original Battlestar Galactica premiered on television.

-1980: Sundiver, the first book in David Brin’s “Uplift” series, published.

-1982 to 1983: Started playing Dungeons & Dragons and Star Frontiers and co-wrote “The Zarkonian Bomb,” an amateur movie script, with Carlo R., Bill B., Jon B., and Ray C. (“Vortex” Party 1).

-c. 1984: Began writing “The Adventures of Jason Delmar” space opera short stories.

-1986: Wrote original “Vortex” role-playing rules while visiting family in the Philippines. Playtested with Peter D. and David I.S. in Yonkers and Binghamton, N.Y., respectively (“Vortex” Party 2).

-1987 to 1989: Co-ran Shadowrun with Ken P.S. (“Vortex” Party 3).

-1991: Ran “Visor and the Seer” and collaborated in Steve M.R.’s “Voyagers II” using “Vortex” rules before converting to GURPS 3e (“Vortex” Party 3b).

-1992: Influential and prolific author Isaac Asimov died.

-1995: Space: Above and Beyond premiered.

-1996 to 1997: Game Mastered “Vortex: Collateral Damage Inc./Full Circle” using GURPS 3e Space in Virginia (“Vortex” Party 4).

-1997: The Fifth Element and Stargate SG1 premiered.

-1998: Farscape premiered on U.S. television.

-1999: Ran GURPS 3e Space: “Vortex_” via e-mail and for Jon W.P., Randy K.M., and Rob A.R. near Boston ("_Vortex" Party 4b).

-2002: Firefly premiered; D20 Traveller (“T20”) published.

-2005: The BBC revived Doctor Who.

-2008: Cubicle 7 published FATE 3e Starblazer Adventures (SBA).

-2010: Began running “Vortex” using SBA (“Vortex” Parties 5a and 5b, the crews of the Blackbird and the Appomattox).