Christopher McKee

A disheveled unshaven man, mid 30's. Wearing bell bottoms and a loose shirt. Carrying a briefcase, military duffle bag, as well as a trident.



  • Master Sniper
  • Man in Black (M.I.B)
  • One Shot, One Kill.
  • This Will Make a New Man Out of you
  • I Know a Guy
  • Seeking Enlightenment
  • Seeking the Secret of the Zarkonian Armada
  • Creepy Androids


+5 Guns
+4 Contacting Starship Gunner
+3 Alertness Mysteries Resolve
+2 Academics Athletics Investigation Fists Survival
+1 Burglary Endurance Intimidation Resources Stealth Weapons

Should Have: 38
Have: 38

Refresh: 6


Skill Name Description page
N/A Military Grade (Guns) License to buy military grade hardware.
N/A Personal Gear Better than average sniper rifle
Guns Quick Draw No penalty for drawing as a supplemental action. Treat blocks to stop draws as two steps lower. Bulldogs 114
Starship Gunner She’s in my Sights +1 to targeting aspects pg 191
Starship Gunner Pinpoint Targting Spend a Fate point to target a specific ship system pg 191
Guns Gem of Focus biomechanical/telepathic, grants +2 aiming bonus without delay from Vatican cache


Refresh 5
Total Refresh 12
Physical Stress 6
Composure Stress 7



Armor Stress Reduction
Light Armor -1
Armored Vac suite Absorbs one minor consequence


Weapon Damage Range Notes
Sniper Rifle +5 4 Compresses into a suitcase.
Energy Pistol +4 1
Gyrock/Holdout Pistol +3 0 Only holds one bullet
Trident +? 1 Usable as a melee weapon?
EMP Grenade 1 1 Shorts out electronics


Timothy Dugan — male Terran “near-human” (cyborg) — onetime Black Box Security Co. colleague of Chris McKee and member of Capt. Vijay’s pirate crew. Loaded kumquats onto the The Gryphon

Christopher McKee

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