Jim Delaney

Rob S.'s male Terran "near-human" gambler and technopsi


Character: “Jim Delaney”
Role-player: Robert A.S.
Species: “Near-human”
Homeworld: Terra (Sol 3, or Earth)


  1. High concept: Technopsi gambler
  2. Foibles: Work smart, not hard
  3. Starting out: Modified as an adult
  4. Sidetracked: Once caught red-handed
  5. Guest star: “Pal” Tony
  6. Motivation: To be the house
  7. Adventuring:


  • Apex skill, +4: Gambling
  • Good skill, +3: Empathy
  • Good skill, +3: Power of Fate (prob.)
  • Good skill, +3: Technopsionics (Technomancy)
  • Fair skill, +2: Contacting (gather info)
  • Fair skill, +2: Rapport (befriend)
  • Fair skill, +2: Resolve (willpower)
  • Average Skill, +1: Deceit (bluff)
  • Average Skill, +1: Guns
  • Average Skill, +1: Investigation (observation)
  • Average Skill, +1: Resources (wealth, brokerage)
  • Average Skill, +1: Starship Systems


  • Cold Read (Gambling)
  • Devil’s Luck (Gambling, Power of Fate)
  • Remote Control (Technopsi)
  • Transfer Luck (Power of Fate)

Fate points left: 4

Equipment: Servant robot, nice clothing
Prime weapon: Holdout pistol
Ship function: Morale officer/casino operator


Bio to come from Robert A.S.

Jim Delaney

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