Lord Wallace Tubbington

An Olvar dressed garishly but tastefully. With a light blade at his hip and a smile on his lips.


Character: “Lord Wallace Tubbington III
Role-player: Josh C.
Campaign: Gene D.’s " Vortex " space opera, using Fantastic Adventures in Tabletop Entertainment (FATE) 3e Starblazer Adventures / Mindjammer, Bulldogs, and Limitless Horizons

  • Date created: 6 January 2013/“18 May 2195 A.D./C.E. or 1 Terran Galactic Era
  • Date revised: 17 April 2013/“1 August 2195 A.D./C.E. or 1 T.G.E.

Species: Olvar
Homeworld: Velthis Major/Thurbast 3b


  1. High concept: Olvar mediator of the House Burill, Second Class (diplomat)
  2. Foible: Oh, I did what? How dreadful; how can I make it up to you? (swashbuckler)
  3. Starting out: Onward to the Morifaiwet, onward to adventure! (father’s ship)
  4. Sidetracked: On hiatus until it blows over — I mean to get a broader perspective.
  5. Guest star: Earl Francis La’Vette of the Beaumont La’Vette’s Mediator Second Class (rival)
  6. Motivation: These humans would make a novel addition to the Alliance. Don’t you agree?
  7. Adventuring: “What, me worry?”


+5 Rapport
+4 Contacting Empathy
+3 Deceit Investigation Resolve
+2 Academics Gambling Leadership Resources Weapons
+1 Art Athletics Drive Guns Pilot Starship Systems

Should Have: 38
Have: 38

Refresh: 6


Skill Name Description page
Rapport Five Minute Friend Spend a fate point to have a friend somewhere I’ve never been. Bulldogs 118
Rapport Smooth Over +2 to calm things down. If I’m not the one people are angry at Bulldogs 119
Contacting I know a Guy +2 to make a new contact in a place I’ve never been, Bulldogs 110
Contacting Ear to the Ground +2 to get tip off form trouble. Bulldogs 110
Empathy Cold Read I can get a read on someone in moments instead of minutes Bulldogs 111
Weapons Scabbard of Musashi Grants +4 to Weapons from Vatican cache


Refresh 5
Total Refresh 12
Physical Stress 5
Composure Stress 7



Armor Stress Reduction
Light Armor -1


  • Needler, holdout, with sedative ammunition (from Brother Nelvin, a Zarkonian cultist, on Phobos)
  • Pistol, laser
  • Sword, rapier
Weapon Damage Range Notes




Lord Wallace Tubbington’s father served aboard the Morifaiwet, as the Blackbird was known when the experimental biomechanical scout ship was commissioned by the Olvar Star League.

Species notes: Olvar (arboreal mammal-like mystics and pranksters)

Homeworld: Thurbast C-3b/Velthis Major
Environment: Velthis Major is a pleasant world by human standards, with large forest-cities, rugged mountains, and small freshwater seas. Its biochemistry is not entirely compatible with Terran organisms, but the lifeforms of Velthis Major (also called Thurbast 3b, a moon orbiting a gas giant in a trinary star system) closely resemble Earthlike species, with feathered birds, scaled fish, and furred mammals.

Physiology: Olvar (singular and plural are the same) are very humanoid aliens, being bipeds also descended from arboreal mammals. Olvar are slightly smaller than humans and walk on their toes, giving their legs and “extra” joint. Olvar have 3 fingers and an opposable thumb on each hand, and 4 toes on each foot. their skin is light brown, and is covered with light fur in similar colors to human hair. Olvar walk upright, and have a half-meter long tail, which makes some human chairs uncomfortable. Female Olvar have 4 breasts (each is smaller than its human equivalent), with which they nurse their live-born young (twins are usual).

Olvar tend to have their longer head hair in a crest, and their large pointed ears may be directed independently. Olvar have large black eyes, with no visible pupil or “whites.” Their omnivorous faces are vaguely bestial, with slight snouts instead of noses and prominent toothlike structures inside unlipped mouths. Olvar do enjoy chocolate—sucrose apparently has the same effects on them that alcohol has on humans!

Psychology: The Olvar are mostly a peaceful species, known for their artistic skill and mysticism. After several warring periods, much romanticized in later art, the Olvar settled into a fairly quiet civil structure revolving around tribal units. Olvar are pranksters, delighting in all sorts of humor; although they are serious about history and mystical research. Of all the species humans have encountered, Olvar are the most fond of humanity’s popular culture, following fads and fashions almost as closely as human adolescents!

History: Around the time of open and official First Contact between Terrans and galactic societies, archaeological expeditions found that the Olvar and other aliens had visited Earth in the past. After a Ru’ulok slower-than-light generation ship carrying Olvar slaves had crashed in 1982 B.C.E., some of the survivors coexisted with humans for a time [see Gene D.’s “Vanished Lands” fantasy campaign].

In the 1950s A.D./C.E., Olvar adolescents visited Earth, and their space suits of that time may be one source of the urban legends of extraterrestrial “greys.” More significantly, the Olvar Star League was one of the first organizations to declare pre-FTL (faster than light) Earth off-limits to exploitation. The Olvar are among the co-founders of the Kharvamid Alliance, along with the amphibious Trinoids, aggressive Gustrall, and insectoid Nethians. They hope to balance the influence of the Ru’ulok trade guilds as Terrans enter the galactic stage….

Crew of the yacht Pina Colada: [ Don’t delete! ]

  • Capt. Jasmine” [Sara F., primary ]-female Martian Felinoid “Synth” (“Uplifted” tiger), former pit fighter and crewmember of the Appomattox, now captain of the Pina Colada searching for a homeworld for her people
  • Hector Chavez” [Beruk A., primary ]-male Terran human, former spy and crewmember on the Appomattox, cautious engineer and communications expert
  • Chris McKee /Agent Prometheus” [Josh C., primary ]-male Terran human, former assassin for the eugenicists at Black Box Security Co., sniper and seeker aboard the Blackbird and Pina Colada
  • Orion Starchaser” [Geoff C., primary-male Pomuyan (blue telepathic humanoid alien), irrepressible mystic and thrill-seeking galactic hitchhiker
  • Dr. Srinu Pahul” [Byron V.O., primary ]-male Terran “near-human” (genetically modified) xenobiologist, curious and confident planetary patriot; with robots MEGAN and PEPE
  • Lt.Cmdr. Kevin Reese” [Bruce K., primary ]-male Terran “near-human” (cyborg), former Interplanetary Patrol officer and member of the Blackbird and Dauntless crews; defender of the homeworld
  • Chiron” [Dexter V.H., primary ]-male (secretly android) pilot, assigned to assess and protect humanity

Crew of the experimental scout ship Blackbird:

  • Lt. Sebastian Growlick” [Bruce K., secondary ]-male Felinoid “Synth” (“Uplifted” lion), elite soldier and acting commander of the refitted Blackbird
  • Tela” [Sara F., secondary ]-female Tharian (gargoyle-like alien), escapee from the Encegulans (slug-like slavers), fond of humans; engineer with boyfriend Kedar
  • Tariq Asrad Saladin” [Beruk A., secondary ]-male Terran “near-human” (mutant) wanderer with a past, investigator
  • Lord Wallace Tubbington” [Josh C., secondary ]-male Olvar (arboreal, mammal-like alien) swashbuckler and diplomat for the Kharvamid Alliance
  • Brun” [Geoff C., secondary ]-male Martian Ursoid “Synth” (“Uplifted” bear), former wrestler, pilot
  • Sgt. Nathan A. Jessup” [Byron V.O., secondary ]-male Terran human, gung-ho member of the North American Aerospace Marine Corps
  • Enkidu Aristheon” [Dexter V.H., secondary ]-male Seranen (pale empathic humanoid alien) exile, wilderness survival expert curious about Terrans and the Zarkonian threat; with sphinx-like companion Glaucon

See other records for the previous crews of the Blackbird, Appomattox, and Gryphon

Lord Wallace Tubbington

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