Raptor II fighter craft

Terran fighter craft

weapon (ranged)

Ship Name: Raptor II Terran fighter

Designer: Gene D., Game Master
Campaign: Vortex space opera

Aspects (3, based on hull size)

  1. Scale/size (affects starting Aspects, Skill points, Stress), type/class: medium (1 crew) Terran aerospace superiority fighter
  2. Origin/condition: Union of Solar Nations space navy, based on North American States Aerospace Marines Corps designs
  3. Systems: Military-grade

Skills/components (7 pts.)

  • 1 Fair (+2):
    • STL Propulsion (1 AU per Terran hour)
  • 3 Average (+1):
    • Maneuverability
    • Projectile Weapons (guns, missiles)
    • Ship Systems (from P.C. pilots, includes communications, life support, scanners)


  • Atmospheric Entry (Maneuverability)
  • Escape System (Ship Systems)
  • Guided Missiles (Projectile Weapon)
  • Hit & Run (Maneuverability; +1 to attacks, but must move away on next turn)
  • Refresh (Fate points left): 1

Status (based on hull size):

  • Structural Stress: 3
  • Systems Stress: 3
  • Consequences (from Diaspora: Minor -2, Major -4, Severe -6, Extreme -8):

Image links/deck plan:

Inspired by/similar to: Hammerhead fighters, from Space: Above and Beyond

Service history: The Raptor -class aerospace fighter , with its distinctive forward swept wings , had been a success for the North American States’ Aerospace Marine Corps and the United Earth Authority on Earth, the Mars Confederacy, and in patrolling the outer colonies from 2170 to 2185. By the time of official First Contact with extraterrestrials, the U.E.A. began improving its fleet. The Raptor II, launched in 2194/1 T.G.E., features better maneuvering, weapons, and sensors than its predecessors, making it the front-line fighter craft for humanity as the Zarkonian Armada approached. It is later considered a transitional model to the full Asp-class Terran fleet fighters, which had longer range and beam weapons.

Crew and passengers: 1, Player Character pilots include —

  • Jason C.S. Delmar [Gene D.]-male Terran human, recruited by the Kharvamid Alliance (see the Zarkonian Bomb and “The Adventures of Jason Delmar” stories)
  • Col. Shane Revell [Jon W.P.]-male Terran human, member of the North American Aerospace Marine Corps, worked with “Collateral Damage Inc.”
  • Maj. John A. Carlson [Jim J.D’B.]-male Terran human United Earth Authority space marine, assigned to work with “Collateral Damage Inc.,” later the crew of the P.T.S. Venture
  • Lt. Nathan A.T. Jessup [Byron V.O.]-male Terran human Union of Solar Nations space marine, member of the “Terra’s Pride” homeworld security task force

Raptor II fighter craft

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