Oasis Stations

In one future, humanity has begun to colonize the Sol system, but ecological degradation and internecine conflicts persist. Open and official First Contact with Galactic societies, themselves at war, threaten Terra’s very survival. Will heroes rise to the challenges?

Welcome, fellow sentients, to Oasis Station! Gateway between the civilizations of the Olvar, Trinoids, and Nethians and the unclaimed worlds of the Milky Way’s Orion Arm! Where else can you find Kharvamid scientists alongside Trade Guild negotiators, newly Uplifted sapients with their ancient patrons, and travelers from dozens of solar systems!

Cruise our data nets for plans to the orbital habitats, to find like-minded beings, and to keep up on news of the latest entertainments. For your safety, we recommend staying within environments for your own atmosphere and gravity tolerances. Also, note that different biological and cultural activities may be taboo to certain species, so check with our protocol droids first!

History: After the Battle of Capricornus X2 (visit the fine museum and reenactment at Hip 103039), various groups began to settle this system, which lacked inhabitable planets. As a crossroads mere parsecs spinward of Kuvor’s Veil, Oasis Station has been the go-to destination for merchants, explorers, and tourists for (hundreds of Earth years).

  • -13 billion T.G.E.: The Big Bang.
  • -6 billion to -3 billion T.G.E.: The Elder Epoch — Precursor species arise in or near the Milky Way Galaxy’s Orion Arm. Early interstellar societies flourish and decline in cycles. Several species, later called “Elder Races,” evolve beyond purely four-dimensional physical forms. The epoch ends with the first major engagements of the “Chaos Wars”; time and space are disrupted, and the Precursors (mostly) disappear.
  • -3 billion to -1 billion T.G.E.: The Arcane Epoch — The Pangavi, the youngest of the extradimensional species, fights with its peers (some later venerated as gods or demons) over “interference” with more primitive cultures.
  • -1 billion T.G.E.: The current epoch begins, as the Pangavi are fragmented and “cast down,” gradually rebuilding in Transit space.
  • -500 million T.G.E.: The Zarkonians are believed to have evolved in the Milky Way’s Sagittarius Arm.
  • -250 million T.G.E.: Dinosaurs roam the Earth. Unknown species obtains genetic samples to begin stocking Beta Canum Venaticorum (see 5a.21).
  • -3 million T.G.E.: Trinoids begin slower-than-light space travel, and Nethian civilization begins. Humanity evolves.
  • -50,000 T.G.E.: The end of the last Terran Ice Age.
  • -20,000 T.G.E.: The current wave of interstellar civilizations begins. The Ma’ari, “Dwellers in the Clouds,” and Zarkonians attain faster-than-light Transit by this time at the latest.
  • -12,000 T.G.E.: The Cetarans, Nethians, and Trinoids develop Transit capability. The beginnings of recorded human history.
  • -8,000 T.G.E.: Sazometa’s teachings lead to the Jennesett among the Trinoids, who stop “Uplift” (bringing other species to sentience) after the Metaderpods.
  • -6,000 T.G.E.: The Olvar and Ru’ulok achieve Transit. The Cestolar rebel against their Olvar “Uplift” patrons.
  • -4,000 T.G.E.: Slower-than-light generation ship crashes in Central Asia. Beginnings of the “Vanished Lands.” Civilization on 96 Piscium B/“Venice” collapses (see 5a.23).
  • -2,000 T.G.E.: The end of civil wars (later romanticized) among the Olvar. Colony on GL 884/“Cold Miser” founded and later abandoned (see 5a.25). The Gustrall and Nolath develop Transit. The interstellar cults of the Cyclists and Anodytes founded.
  • -1,000 T.G.E.: The Nethians and Ru’ulok overthrow oppressive caste systems. The Battle of Capricornus X2, in which the Cestolar switched sides, forcing a truce between the Olvar and Ru’ulok empires and ending their expansion into the unclaimed space containing the Sol system and other backwater worlds (see 5a.26). The Gustrall conduct “Uplift” on the Aerdari and others and conquer neighboring systems. More Terran genetic samples relocated to Beta Canum Venaticorum/“Boobulon.”
  • -400 T.G.E.: The Encegulans, Laransans, and Meorr acquire Transit. Oasis Station expands to be a ring of orbital habitats daisy-chained around a star about 40 parsecs from Sol (see 5a.27).
  • -250 T.G.E.: Kroac teaches his code of honor among the Gustrall; despot Ozniez rises on Laransu. Unofficial and secret contact resumes between galactic species and Terrans after first radio signals reach the Olvar and Ru’ulok. Harbingers of the Order of Submission reenter the Orion Arm (see 5b.4), and the “Dawn’s Retreat” begins its final mission (see 5b.17). The end of World War II and the “Golden Age” of human science fiction.
  • -100 T.G.E.: Laransu is devastated by Zarkonian forces. The Trinoids and Nethians found the Kharvamid Alliance. Aquarian/Salvorain mining expedition stranded near Precursor ruins at Van Maanen’s Star (see 5a.18). Ecocrises on Terra and the Sol system’s First Interplanetary War. Humans conduct “Uplift.” The “Chengdu” slower-than-light generation colony ship leaves Earth (see 5b.23). The United Earth Authority is established.
  • -30 T.G.E.: Second Interplanetary War — Mars Confederation and “Synths” rebel against Terran megacorps, gain limited independence (see 5a.9). Humans colonize Venus (see 5b.9) and the outer Sol system (see 5a.14, 5b.18).
  • -10 T.G.E.: Aquarians and Polarians report contact with the Zarkonian Armada. The Encegulans raid Tharia, and the “Takers” faction rises among the Ru’ulok. The United Ecumenical Movement is formed. The Kutalrin lay a trap near Cetus Eridani (see 5a.20).
  • 0 T.G.E. (2194 A.D./C.E.): Open and official First Contact between galactic societies and humanity, which gains Transit technology. The adventures of Jason Delmar begin, as well as those of the crews of the P.T.S. Venture, the Blackbird, the Appomattox, and the Gryphon.

Some speculate that this star system has been inhabited before, and others believe that in some time, the chain of habitats could form a true Ringworld (but not without a lot more mass). Whatever your interests, the appeal of Oasis Station is now!

Highlights: Do you like food? Then visit the many fine establishments in our biospheres! What about the arts? Catch a performance during a nebula cruise, or view items from hitherto unexplored worlds at our emporium of curios! Why leave the action to others? We have contests of skill and chance to challenge any being, group, or vessel! If you’re more of a technical bent, Oasis Station can always use talented engineers. Of course, all of our matching services are discreet….

Sector 1, “The Shining Sisters” (Syzygy, Tela, Kedar interested in)

  • Governance: Corporatist
  • Population: Ma’ari, Nethians, Daragi (silicon-based giants)
  • Notable sites: Tulver’s Caverns (mining megacorp), Nebula Opera

Sector 2, “Heaven’s Burden”

  • Governance: Theocracy
  • Population: Laransans, Jennesett Trinoids
  • Notable sites: Cluster University, Anodyte Hospital

Sector 3, “The Hunting Lodge”

  • Governance: Tribal/clan council
  • Population: Olvar, Gustrall, Ru’ulok
  • Notable sites: Raptor’s Retreat (restaurant), Whittler’s (artist colony)

Sector 4, “The Old Warrior”

  • Governance: Feudal militarist
  • Population: Gustrall, Meorr, Nethians, Ru’ulok
  • Notable sites: Emporium of Curios, Nabu Survey Society

Sector 5, “The Dueling Suns”

  • Governance: Oligarchy
  • Population: Ru’ulok, Encegulans, Ma’ari
  • Notable sites: Monastery of Infinite Forms, Cyclist Cathedral

Sector 6, “The Grower”

  • Governance: Corporatist/Communist
  • Population: Sulishi (furry snails), Olvar, Trinoids (encountered Zurmiz Krott)
  • Notable sites: Smiling Goddess Food Court, Worker’s Paradise Stadium

Sector 7, “The Righteous Stinger” (Chris interested in)

  • Governance: Militant libertarian (lawless reputation)
  • Population: Nethians, Nolath, Cestolar
  • Notable sites: The Flux Farm (weapons shop), Ballister’s Courts

Sector 8, “The Lagoon”

  • Governance: Tribal democracy
  • Population: Trinoids, Aquarians, Polarians, Cetarans
  • Notable sites: The Wave Spa, Kelp Preserve

Sector 9, “The Skies Below”

  • Governance: Telepathic links
  • Population: Dwellers of the Clouds, Aerdari (Gustrall clients), Pangavi
  • Notable sites: Visitor’s bay, methane/hydrogen habitats

Sector 10, “The Rusted Link” (Dragonfly visited; guide VX-7)

  • Governance: Artificial intelligence technocracy
  • Population: Cestolar, Kutalrin, Metaderpods, Xenoids
  • Notable sites: The Privateer’s Perch, The Arc Shops

Sector 11, “The Swift Course” (Morifaiwet visited, serviced)

  • Governance: Feudal aristocracy
  • Population: Olvar, Gustrall
  • Notable sites: The Regatta Hotel (concierge Mr. Blix), The Lancer’s Club, Observation Lounge

Sector 12, “The Merging” (Morifaiwet, Tiger Hawk Sandstorm)

  • Governance: Overall Oasis Station command (galactic Trade Guilds), communications — Port Authority
  • Population: Boobulons, Encegulans, Metaderpods, Ru’ulok
  • Notable sites: Ruby Lantern Resort, Uplift Institute

News: In the biggest archaeological discovery in recent memory, an honest-to-goodness Precursor jump gate was found! Some Ru’ulok are contesting possession, so a joint task force is protecting and examining the Transit artifact….

Oasis Stations

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