Alien species in “Vortex”

  • Aerdari: Avian species " Uplifted " by the Gustrall
  • Aquarians/Polarians [created with Carlo R.]: Amphibious humanoids with colonies in a few systems; threatened by Zarkonian Armada
  • Boobulons: Green-skinned, three-breasted humanoids on planet " Henson/Hefner " near Beta Canum Venaticorum; Syzygy believes they’re derived from Terran stock by the Encegulans
  • Cestolar: Literal-minded, badger-like former Olvar clients; prospectors encountered at Tyche
  • Cetarans [created by Byron V.O.]: Plesiosaur-like amphibious miners , non-aligned
  • Daragi: Silicon-based, tree-like giants, slow architects first met by the crew of the Blackbird near Oasis Station
  • Dwellers of the Clouds: Gas-giant dwellers met near Alpha Centauri
  • Dwivarn: Reptiles Uplifted by the Ru’ulok but claim it’s the other way around
  • Encegulans: Slug-like slavers from whom Tela escaped
  • Gryphons: Flying animals partly “Uplifted” by the Olvar
  • Gustrall: Orange-furred , hooved, antlered, velociraptor-like warriors
  • Hoop Snake: Colony predator encountered at Samara/61 Ursae Majoris by the crew of the Defender (telecom Session 6.11)
  • Kutalrin: Robotic scavengers/raiders with hive mind, used “Squltures” and T-inhibitors to trap unwary vessels near Cetus Eridani
  • Kraken, Europan: Large, tentacled carnivores encountered by the crew of the Gryphon while fighting off pirates in the oceans beneath the ice of Jupiter’s moon Europa
  • Laransans [created by Erik B.L.]: Long-lived telepathic humanoids
  • Lowut: Short, mischievous humanoid scavengers, nicknamed “space goblins” by the crew of the Terran scout ship Defender upon first encountering them at Gliese 450 (telecom Session 6.10)
  • Ma’ari [created by Jenna R.P. ]: Diminutive pale humanoid wanderers
  • Meorr [created by Dave F.R.B.]: Lion-like berserkers
  • Metaderpods: Misshapen former “Uplift” clients of the Trinoids
  • Nethians: Blue insectoid engineers, members of the Kharvamid Alliance
  • Nolath: Arachnoid engineers met by the crew of the Appomattox near Epsilon Eridani
  • Olvar: Arboreal mammal-like pranksters and mystics; co-founders with the Trinoids of the Kharvamid Alliance
  • Pangavi: Extradimensional entities, related to the Precursors?
  • Pomuyans [created by Geoff C.]: Blue-furred, telepathic humanoids from Miakoda, a watery moon orbiting a brown dwarf around black hole Pomuya. Mostly reserved mystics, with some exceptions (see " Orion Starchaser ").
  • Precursors: Ancient starfaring species capable of massive engineering projects such as those near Van Maanen’s Star and Oasis Station; current whereabouts unknown
  • Psi Eaters: Cloud-based energy entities that turned the crews of the Dauntless, Sovereign, and Fourth Wing into zombies; 2 lured from near Wolf 359 outpost to Sirius system by the Pina Colada to intercept the approaching Zarkonian Armada
  • Ruhemans: Walking stick-like species, pre-Precursors who built machine moon near Van Maanen’s Star that was explored by the crews of the Blackbird and Pina Colada
  • Ru’ulok: Heavy-gravity reptilian pirates , main member of the galactic trade guilds
  • Salvorain: Descendants of Aquarian miners near Van Maanen’s Star
  • Sulishi: Furry snails, interstellar caretakers
  • Seranen: Pale blue, muscular humanoids living in harmony with nature on Tokera 4, about 35 parsecs from Sol; see Enkidu Aristheon
  • Tharians [created by Sara F.]: Gargoyle-like, pre-FTL aliens; see Tela
  • Tolimanian mantiles: Reptilian/insectoid xenomorphs (hostile life forms), pack hunters that communicate via subsonics, encountered near Alpha Centauri
  • Trinoids [developed by David I.S., Brian W.]: Three-armed , barrel-trunked xenobiologists; see Syzygy
  • Venetian land whales, carnosaurs, and lampreys: Encountered on New Venice by the crew of the Blackbird
  • Xenoids: Synthetic beings created by aliens, similar to Terran “Synths”
  • Zarkonians [created by Gene D., Carlo R., Bill B., Jon B., and Ray C.]: Tentacled crustaceans with an interstellar armada; home world unknown
  • Zurmiz Krott: Scouts cobbled together by the Zarkonians, can induce cannibalistic madness and emit parasitic nanites (microscopic robots); also known as the “Harbingers of the Righteous Order of Submission

" Near-humans "

  • Cyborgs: Humans with bionic modifications
  • Genetically modified humans: Often with enhanced senses, reflexes, or stamina; may have animal characteristics (amphibious, furred) or be altered for function (military)
  • Low-gravity humans: From the Lunar Free State, Mars Confederacy, Asteroid Belt, and smaller colonies in the Sol system
  • Mutants/metahumans: Mostly detrimental, includes some psionics

“Synths” (synthetic humanoids)

  • Artificial intelligences: Includes robots/androids, disembodied artificial intelligences in C-space (cyberspace)
  • “Uplifted” (bioengineered) animals (some examples below):
    • Avidians: birds, usually parrots
    • Canids: dogs/wolves
    • Chims: chimpanzees and bonobos
    • Crocoloids: alligators and crocodiles (see “Deep Dish”)
    • Delphines: cetaceans, dolphins and orcas
    • Felinoids: great cats, lions and tigers (see “Jasmine” and “Sebastian”)
    • Gorths: gorillas, orangutans, and other great apes
    • Minotaurs: bovines
    • Octopoids: octopi and squids
    • Ursoids: bears


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